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Avionics Engineering Services

HCL is a one-stop solution provider of engineering services for the aviation industry with capabilities spanning aerospace software/hardware engineering, and aerospace systems. HCL provides a complete suite of aviation software engineering services with integrated product engineering services, supported through state-of-the-art labs and centers of excellence (CoEs).

Our avionics engineering services include:

Avionics Software Engineering

  • Complete set of services. With over a decade’s experience in aerospace engineering, HCL has had exposure to over 20 avionics systems/subsystems. Our software development process enables our clients to meet DO-178B levels A-E guidelines. HCL has also executed more than 1,000 projects and participated in over 50 SOI audits with designated engineering representatives. HCL can offer these services at scale (more than 900 engineers worked on an aircraft OEM’s flagship program during its peak phase).
  • Value enablement. In the past two years alone, HCL provided over USD 25 million in savings for customers. These savings were not restricted to cost alone but also to productivity and process improvements - all enabled through the use of automated tools and solution accelerators. Through offshore test labs and tools, time zone based shifts, and customer specific knowledge management/training programs, HCL continues to deliver value to customers. 
  • Customer specific QMs. HCL adopts best practices from its customer engagements to deliver specific quality initiatives. HCL is CMMiL5 and ASPIRE certified and has in-house aerospace quality managers. HCL is also the first Indian company represented in the DO178C committee.
  • End-to-end expertise in aerospace systems. HCL’s experience spans flight warning, flight control, in-flight entertainment, cabin management, CNS, power generation and distribution, deck, environment control, fuel, integrated modular avionics, break control, and electronic flight instrumentation systems

Avionics Hardware Engineering

  • Integrated product engineering portfolio. With over a decade’s experience in avionics hardware, participating in over 15 major aircraft programs and executing over 100 projects in hardware engineering alone, HCL is fully equipped to meet the requirements of customers in both the aerospace / avionics engineering consulting and the implementation space. HCL has DO 254 compliant in-house quality managers for design/verification, with Level A and SOI audits with DER experience.
  • State-of-the-art test labs. HCL invested over USD 5 million in design assurance labs that are now ISO/IEC17025 accredited. HCL utilizes a FCC listed 10m semi anechoic chamber for EMI/EMC testing. HCL has created local test facilities in the UK and U.S. providing pre compliance testing for systems. As a result, HCL can provide 20 to 30 percent savings in cycle time during prototype development.  Additionally, HCL has experience in RG and antenna design (700 MHz to 5.4 GHz) and has developed in-house IPs and reusable components.
  • Centers of Excellence. HCL adopts best practices from its customer engagements to deliver specific quality initiatives. HCL is CMMiL5 and ASPIRE certified and has in-house aerospace quality managers. HCL is also the first Indian company represented in the DO178C committee.
  • Vendor collaboration. HCL has established multi-vendor partnerships for tools, technologies, platforms, and prototype development with companies such as Centum, Hi-Q, Microsoft, Intel, and IBM.
  • Design projects. HCL has engineering design experience in secondary power distribution systems, slat flap control units, data memory modules, seat actuation control systems, flight control electronics, vibration processing units, auxiliary power unit controllers, backup power converter units, and IFE display/player units.

Avionics Systems Exposure

HCL has extensive exposure to avionics systems and provides services in major avionics engineering functions.

  • Flight Deck Systems: Management, overhead control panels, heads-up display, crew alerting, flight warning, maintenance, navigation display, primary flight display.
  • Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems: Electronic flight bag, and electronic check list.
  • Environment Control Systems: Air managementpressure and temperature control, fire/overhead detection, wing/engine anti-ice, bleed.
  • Flight Control Systems: Flight control system integration, pilot control, actuation, throttle control, primary flight control test, secondary flight control hardware, airline software.
  • Power Systems Generation, and Distribution Systems - APU controllers, power distribution.
  • Cabin Systems: Seat actuation, cabin health management, flight attendant panel, in-flight entertainment.
  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems: Collision avoidance, controller pilot data link communication.
  • Hydraulic Systems: Landing gear, braking, steering, hydraulic conveyance.
  • Fuel Systems: Gauging, transfer management, conveyance.
  • Other areas: Flight test support, integrated modular avionics engineering, electrical wiring harness, redetection systems, engine control systems, concept to build of ATEs, break control monitoring, landing gear systems.

What We’ve Done For Others

  • HCL developed software that certifies products worth over USD 30 billion annually, for a leading Aerospace OEM HCL is involved in almost 38% of the company’s latest onboard aircraft software project. This multifaceted partnership has resulted in HCL becoming the company’s preferred partner for R&D and offset work, and HCL has signed a risk sharing agreement with them.
  • HCL invested over USD100,000 in the design, development and manufacture of a working prototype (within a 16 week period) for a U.S.-based avionics major. HCL introduced ten new features to revive product sales.
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