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Engineering Design

HCL’s Engineering Design services provide solutions throughout the product development lifecycle providing highest impact for R&D from a single vendor. We offer integrated framework covering solutions from Concept-to-Manufacturing (C2M) solutions to end-of-life maintenance and support services. HCL has a comprehensive portfolio of complex mechanical design and engineering projects undertaken for A&D clients.

HCL’s provides full life cycle mechanical engineering services:

Full Life Cycle Mechanical Engineering Services

Aero Structures

We run the single largest aero structures program for an Indian outsourced services provider for a large European military transport aircraft manufacturer. This engagement which had a very quick ramp up was very challenging and we had to prove our mettle using our expertise and experience of the aerospace industry needs.

HCL has expertise in complete aircraft structures - primary, secondary and tertiary structures. HCL offers IT-enabled engineering solutions for primary structures including bulk heads, walls, floors, engine mount, U/C mount and wing mounts. For secondary structures, we cover areas like doors, panel and partition Walls and in tertiary structures we handle lightly stressed parts like covers, fairings, handles and furnishing materials.

Aero Engines

HCL has specific expertise in aero engine structures such as intermediate compressor case, turbine exhaust case, turbines, compressor (casings and rotors) and fan booster spools. HCL has developed expertise in diffuser and auxiliary systems for aero engine such as gear box, generators, fuel metering unit etc. Apart for design support including creation of part models and drawings for components as well as manufacturing fixtures, we have experience in performing various structural analyses.

We are currently partnering with various aircraft engine programs. The projects involve design support and validation, high end analysis for major engine components both static and rotating. We have extensive experience in validating the non conformances of the manufactured components (cast and machined) for certification.

Systems Engineering

We have extensive experience Systems/ Sub Systems Design in the areas of Concept to Detail Design (DFMA), LRU Enclosures Packaging Design and Thermal Management, Engineering Change Orders/ Notices, Tolerance Stack Up Analysis and Product Definition. Our systems expertise in mechanical extends to LRU of Electrical Power Management System, Braking System, Actuators and Pallet of Fuel Inert Gas System.

What Customers say

"Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome of the project and with HCL's efforts. HCL consistently demonstrated its professionalism and software development expertise during the development of the security implementation. All schedule milestones were met, and all delivered artifacts were of very high quality. Thanks again for a job well done!"

- Leading aerospace company

"……. The HCL team did a great job for us and approached every problem with a great "how can I help more" attitude. It was wonderful having them here. I learned a great deal from the team and am glad that things worked out well.………… We would not have finished in time without their help. I look forward to working more with HCL in the future."

- A world-class provider of aviation electronic and communication solutions for Aerospace Industry