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Service Portfolio

HCL provides a whole range of global engineering services to the world’s top aerospace and defense companies.  

  • Avionics: HCL is a one-stop tech hub and solutions provider in avionics engineering, providing services across aerospace software/hardware engineering, and aerospace systems. HCL provides aviation software engineering and integrated product engineering services, supported through state-of-the-art labs and centers of excellence (CoEs). Read more

  • Mechanical Engineering:  HCL offers mechanical engineering services ranging from floor-to-floor, to seats and monuments, and also provides services in aero structures and aero engines. Read more

  • Testing: HCL is one of India’s leading aerospace test engineering service providers providing testing support for all types of aircraft test applications, test engineering, and automated test equipment (ATE). Read more

  • Manufacturing Support: HCL provides manufacturing support in fabrication and assembly phases through services like process planning, CNC programming and jigs, fixtures and tooling. Read more

  • Simulation and Training:  HCL caters to the simulation and training industry by providing engineering support for visual database systems, GIS data analysis functions, and systems simulation. Read more

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What Customers Say

"Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome of the project and with HCL's efforts. HCL consistently demonstrated its professionalism and software development expertise during the development of the security implementation. All schedule milestones were met, and all delivered artifacts were of very high quality. Thanks again for a job well done!"

- Leading aerospace company

"……. The HCL team did a great job for us and approached every problem with a great "how can I help more" attitude. It was wonderful having them here. I learned a great deal from the team and am glad that things worked out well.………… We would not have finished in time without their help. I look forward to working more with HCL in the future."

- A world-class provider of aviation electronic and communication solutions for Aerospace Industry