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Please find below an example of our experience in airlines:

A Far East airline undertook a project aimed at maintenance and engineering solutions development (with IBM) using SAP (R3 v46c, IS-DI c2) into engineering, catering and operations. This involved 86 aircraft and 10,000 users.

The benefit to the organisation was the broad scope, including airline maintenance and engineering functionality on a single data and technology platform.

The organisation worked with SAP on industry solution development for SIA requirements.

A Canadian based airline, engine and component MRO service provider is currently deploying SAP ERP MRO together with HCL's MRO pre-configured and industry solutions to reduce maintenance turn-times, increase resource utilization and optimize inventory utilization whilst reducing inventory costs.

Recently split from their airline, they are now an independent third-party MRO provider on a path of global acquisition.

HCL was not only employed to provide part of the SAP MRO solution, but also the implementation, working with a local ERP and support partner CGI. HCL Enterprise Application Services is designing, building and deploying the maintenance, engineering and operations aspects of their solution, as well as support for financial accounting, contract management and complex rule based resource related billing.

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