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Mainframe Modernization Services

Transform your Legacy

Legacy applications often are complex, resist change/integration and are costly to maintain. However, they contain the time tested business knowledge, distilled over a long period time. How best to evolve or reuse the time tested legacy IT Assets, under changing business, economic and IT environments, is a dilemma every CIO has to address. Many have tried solving the aging legacy paradox by rewriting it in new technology or replacing with COTS. But, most have failed to eliminate the legacy. Not because of the technical feasibility of such rewrite, but due to the time, effort and risk associated with these approaches.

Legacy modernization enables you to preserve the proven IT assets and still evolve and effectively reuse them to address the changing business needs economically.

HCL offers various legacy modernization services that are unique in methodology, implementation and aligned to customer's business:

Modernization services By HCL Technologies

HCL has proprietary methodologies like SDAM and specialized tools for modernization. HCL also has a vast experience in the entire spectrum of legacy modernization from Web enablement to SOA enablement to Integration - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Service Oriented Integration (SOI).

Mainframe modernization services benefits to customers

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