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Disaster Recovery Outsourcing

Disaster Recovery - ThumbThe Delivery infrastructure provides for multiple levels of Disaster Recovery, available for all processes as a chargeable service/facility:

HCL BPO Serivces Approach


  • Level 1: Delivery Center System/ Subsystem Level Disaster Recovery – all critical Systems and subsystems have built in reduredundancies, supplemented by in-house stocked spares and extremely stringent response and up time SLA’s.
  • Level 2: Delivery Center Level Disaster Recovery – Multiple sites are in place at Noida to provide warm site facilities.
  • Level 3: Location Level Disaster Recovery – In case the entire Noida location is affected, warm site facilities are available at Chennai.
  • Level 4: National Level Disaster Recovery – The Belfast Center can provide warm seat facilities incase of any national level of disaster.


High and customizable levels of Communication Redundancy through:

  • Multiple Links
  • Multiple Routes
  • Multiple Paths
  • Multiple Carriers

Enhanced levels of Resiliency, Quality and Security. Redundancy has been provided on every leg of the communication link to U.S.A and UK The link between India and UK is of Double Shielded fiber in a meshed loop configuration. This combination minimizes line noise, latency and provides 100% redundancy. Implementation of Cisco’s IP Sec / 3 DES Routers provide the highest possible levels of data security.


Building concurrent delivery knowledge and experience for critical customer processes through the Employee Exchange program between India and UK in order to facilitate Business Continuity.

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