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Product Support Services

Challenges We Address

Organizations the world over are facing business challenges related to high customer churn, rapidly changing technology, rising customer expectations, and the high cost of operations. The exponential demand for Internet-based devices and sophisticated products are making it challenging for companies to manage these devices. Technical support for these devices is also another pressing concern. Given this scenario, companies are focusing on improving and innovating their support processes for customer acquisition, service, and retention. HCL is helping clients differentiate themselves through world-class product support services (both IT and technical support), helping them troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly, thereby improving service levels and attaining higher customer satisfaction.

HCL's Product Support Services

HCL has decades of experience delivering product support services to large global enterprises. Governed by its next-generation BPO tenets, HCL focuses on enhancing customer experience through scalable technology-enabled support services delivered through an integrated global delivery model (IGDM). Through patented platforms and tools, HCL offers predictive and proactive ticket resolution while driving process innovation. Product support services are delivered cohesively, leveraging multiple channels such as voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support, across industries, covering the entire product life cycle on a “round the clock” “follow the sun” model. Building customer loyalty by swiftly troubleshooting and resolving problems is the key to our differentiated services.

Our product support services include:

  • Customer  Support Services
    • Customer Help Desk
    • Order Management
    • Up-sell/Cross-Sell
    • Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution
  • Consumer Hardware / Product Support Services
    • Installation/Configuration Support
    • Product Registration/Activation
    • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Support Services
    • L0,L1 & L2 Technical support services
    • Warranty Management
    • Remote technical support for multiple devices and platforms
    • Loyalty Management
  • IT Support Services
    • App support services
    • System and Account management services

What You Can Expect

  • Business transformation through cloud-based technology-enabled solutions  including hosted CRM, telephony, ACD, dialer, and IVR for better technical support services

  • Centralized shared service for customer support for multiple business towers including finance, HR, customers, suppliers, and more

  • Multi-level product support coupled with remote support technology platforms to service advanced products such as connected smart devices

  • Lean approach/standardized industry best practices and compliances to increase first-time resolution and reduce waste

  • Integrated global delivery model (IGDM) and the option to ‘right-shore’

  • Round-the-clock global delivery support across 21 countries in 17 languages

  • Scalable processes — HCL handles 80 million technical support calls and 1 million chat sessions annually

  • Proven and patented transition framework – ASSeT™ and rich domain expertise in technical support services

  • Managing operations as a coherent system through an integrated business management system

Business value for customers

  • Cost savings of over USD12 million through process re-engineering and improvement by reducing the incident resolution cycle time, increasing transactions/hour, and streamlining the E2E process for a UK-based telecom service provider

  • Cost savings of over USD 5 million from reducing the return percentage of goods sold to their customers by mapping the compatibility of the products with the customer’s requirements for a U.S.- based Fortune 500 office products retailer

  • Cost savings of more than USD 3 million from improving the overall quality and delivery of services through cost avoidance initiatives on termination liabilities of circuits and broadband disconnections for a leading U.S.- based telecom service provider

  • More than USD 2.7 million in revenue generated through the up-selling of premium support packages for a Fortune 50 Internet service provider

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