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Lottery Solution

Client Background

  • Client is a leading Gaming Service Provider  who is  #1 in Lottery  Industry

Business Challenges

  • Low cost solution for lottery domain which includes hardware and software costs.
  • Serviceability, Supportability and security were of greater concern.
  • Remote device management.
  • Broadcasting of messages

HCL’s Solution

  • Conceptualized the Solution, Carried out R&D to check its feasibility, designed the solution.
  • Recommended the appropriate hardware which best suited the solution after carrying out detailed study and integrated it with the solution.
  • Implemented the solution, Integrated with existing server modules and selected hardware.
  • IP based solution which is essential for security in Lottery domain
  • Device management remotely even to kill the application or clear the data or disable  the device

HCL Lottery Solution


  • Enabled to bring lottery to the people on street.
  • Cost of the solution 85% less than the current solution.
  • Allows real-time mobile tracking

Solution Highlights

  • Value partnering
  • Bluetooth device integration
  • Geofencing
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