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HCL on Campus


Helping students create a confident professional image

At HCL, we believe in nourishing young minds and setting the stage for future success in life. Our goal with these initiatives is to prepare you for the diverse corporate life while providing the necessary resources to make you employable.
Campus Conjoin: Campus Conjoin is an umbrella program where senior leaders of HCL connect with students from management institutes through a gamut of initiatives.  

Campus Conjoin collaborates with institutes and management students in providing a link between theories and practices of the corporate world. It is a bridge that helps management students understand HCL’s core values so that they can make an informed career decision.

Our objective in launching the Campus Conjoin program is to enhance the quality and quantity of the talent-pool, sustain the growth of the industry itself and employability of students. We want to make the students corporate ready so that they are confident about themselves when they join the organization.

Under Campus Conjoin, we perform various activities to connect with the Management Institutes and some of them are:
  • Program on Diversity and Sustainability
  • Sponsoring Academic Events
  • Guest Lectures
  • Summer and Winter Internship
  • Alumni Sponsor
  • Blogathon
Program on Diversity and Sustainability: Diversity focuses on group identity and personal affiliation. Sustainability focuses on humanity's use of natural resources. In HCL, diversity and sustainability are practiced every day.

Some of the initiatives are:
  • Meet HCL’s Emerging Women Leaders: HCL hosted an event on Friday September 7, 2012, to meet our emerging woman leaders. The goal of the event was to foster the promotion, growth, and development of women employees in our organization.  We also wanted to educate women on the opportunities awaiting them in the IT sector. Two women students from 27 business schools each were invited for the event. Our CEO, Mr. Vineet Nayar during his conversation expressed his views about women in the industry and the various roles performed by them at different levels. Ms. Ranjini Manian, CEO of Global Adjustments the guest speaker gave thought provoking insights on “Gender Intelligence.” The other topic covered was, “Moving away from clichés - Women & Innovation” by Ms. Srimathi Shivashankar, Global Head – Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability.
Sponsoring Academic Events: At HCL, we believe in encouraging young minds and recognizing their hidden talents. We have designed this sponsorship to provide you with a platform to showcase your academic abilities.
  • In 2012, we sponsored Kuruskshetra a case study competition hosted by IIM Bangalore at their flagship event VISTA.
Guest lectures: Theoretical knowledge and practical application go hand in hand to acquire qualities and intellectual skills of a professional. In the present era of fierce competition, it is imperative that you have real world perspective and industry insight. Guest lectures are a series of talks on various emerging IT and industry specific subjects aimed to acquaint you with the current issues, trends, and scenario of the industry.

The subject matter experts at HCL who have explored the edges of what is known, and beyond share their knowledge and experiences at premier management institutes. In 2012, HCL leaders visited top institutes and conversed with students on various facets of the industry:
  • Being a Growth Leader: How IT Services can continue to grow in the face of a slowdown @ FMS, Delhi
  • Playing Monopoly – This time it is for real!   : A session on experiences in Intrapreneurship @ SPJIMR, Mumbai
  • Business innovation through IT @ IIM Kozhikode
  • BFSI Practices @ SIBM, Pune
  • Changing IT Trends @ MDI, Gurgaon
  • How is HCL helping corporates align IT with their businesses @ NITIE, Mumbai
  • Demystifying Enterprise IT @ IIFT, Delhi
  • Change: Macro and micro changes that redefine life and living in the 21st Century @ IIT Delhi
  • Outsourcing Market Trends in IT and Engineering Services @ TAPMI                                         
  • How do the Clients go through the Process of making Outsourcing Decisions  @ TAPMI,Manipal                                                                                
  • Evolution of HR trends/practices in IT industry @ IFMR, Chennai
  • Brand Management @ MICA, Ahmadabad
Alumni Sponsor: Under this initiative an alumnus of the institute who is an Ideapreneur, will guide, mentor and help you enhance your skills. The alumni, several of whom have made long strides in a short span of time will share their experiences and offer you counsel to aid your entrepreneurial ambitions.
Blogathon - Unlocking the blogging rivalry: HCL launched a first of its kind online blogging marathon competition for PAN India B Schools. All you need to do for a chance to win is to blog on your thoughts and perspective of the different management styles of tomorrow. The top three winners will get an opportunity of a lifetime to meet the CEO of our organization.
Entrepreneurs@Residence: This is a unique initiative where HCL hires GEN Y entrepreneurs from Top Business Schools where Mr. Shiv Nadar will mentor them for working towards whitespaces in technology, verticals and geos.


In 2011- 2012, HCL Technologies signed MOUs with some of the best institutes in the country. In view of this partnership, several initiatives were taken in campuses across India.

Some of them are:
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
    • Participation in Recruitment drives focusing on Physically Challenged Individuals
    • Introduction of HCL’s Woman’s Connect
    • Blog-her Space
  • Industrial visit for students and faculty
  • Guest lectures on various topics like Cloud Computing, VLSI Design, Avionics, Corporate Etiquette etc. conducted for pre-final/ final year students
  • Industry Institute Interface - a platform to discuss areas of improvement and interventions
  • Academic internships for select students
  • Training and Placement Officer meet at Chennai, Bangalore and Noida
Guest Lectures are sessions where senior leaders of HCL connect with students from E-schools across the country. These sessions are conducted to acquaint students with the current industry scenario so that they can make the right career decision.

Our objective with these sessions is to bridge the gap between subjective knowledge and practical exposure to increase the employability of students. We want to make them corporate ready so that they are confident when they join the organization.

MAD LTD: Ideas fuel change, progress, evolution, and sometimes, revolution. People who come up with such ideas are often called MAD. HCL stretched beyond its own employee base in search of MADness and reached out to Gen Y who fuel India, through a program called MAD LTD (Make A Difference, Lead The Difference).

MAD LTD runs as a leadership program with ‘Employees First Customers Second’ as its core essence among Gen Y in Engineering Campuses across India. In the first phase, ideas are invited over an online platform and are mentored, improved, and refined. In the next phase, shortlisted ideas battle for the crown of CEO of MAD LTD in a Grand Finale.

In its second season, MAD LTD visited more than 60 campuses, touching more than 35,000 students followed by the Grand Finale on CNBC. More than 27,000 students joined the MAD LTD Bandwagon on Facebook and 1900+ sustainable ideas were submitted, which boiled down to 8 finalists and finally one winner.