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Campus Leap

Life is different in a start-up company run by all entrepreneurs.

There is a thrill in being part of a start-up. The freedom, vibrancy and urgency, makes everyone more creative, more productive, and enthused to solve problems big and small. It is this very start-up spirit that drives HCL.

If you see ideas everywhere, and have boundless curiosity, you will find yourself enjoying every moment here. At HCL the reins are in your hands, you can decide how fast and how far you want to go. We encourage a work culture where you are empowered to not just share ideas at all levels, but also launch them into the real world.

Come and contribute fresh perspectives, bring in your energy, we will shape you to become a start-up star.

Opportunities for you


We offer a diverse array of opportunities and there are different roles that you will play when you enter our organization. They are:
  • Management Cadre: The Management Cadre comprises of MBA graduates hired from top Management Institutions across the globe. This includes Global Engagement Managers, Senior Management Trainees, Senior Management Trainees- Program Managers, and Management Trainees.
  • Global Engagement Manager (GEM): GEM Program is a part of transformational journey that emphasises on thought leadership. The role is conceptualized as an initiative to develop future leaders. Hiring in this role is restricted to top Business schools across the globe. GEMs are mentored in India and at various other Global Locations and are deployed into both Associate Business Development and Associate Engagement Management roles.
  • Senior Management Trainee (SMT): The sole intention of recruiting Senior Management Trainees in HCL is to breed and nurture leadership from within. When shown the right career path and mentored adequately they are ready to take on new and exciting challenges of an ever-expanding organization at a mid-management level initially and at the senior management level down the line. They are hired to perform Sales, Presales, Delivery, Marketing, BSG, BMG and Domain Specialist roles.
  • Management Trainee (MT): Management Trainees are MBA graduates hired to support projects in various delivery, sales enabling, and support roles. They are hired to perform various roles in Project Management (PMO), Business Analysis, and support functions. Management Trainees are covered under a service agreement for a period of 15 months.
  • Summer and winter internship: At HCL, we run an Internship Program, through which we recruit skilled lateral and fresh talent from institutes to perform various tasks for our global and regional customers. The Internship Program aims at providing challenging opportunities to students pursuing education from top B Schools to showcase their talent, engage in learning, and gain exposure of the corporate world.
We offer summer and winter internship for students, which are:
  • Summer Internship is an on the job training on decided subjects and business lines for 8-12 weeks.
  • Winter Internship is mostly an off campus program where research papers are submitted on predetermined subjects. This may also include writing white papers on various subjects.
If you are good at operations then we have relevant roles for you or if you are good in strategy then you can work in a strategic function. At HCL, you are your own master and you can steer your career path in the way you desire. 


  • Graduate Engineering Trainee: All engineers with an educational background in B. Tech. and M. Tech. are termed as Graduate Engineering Trainees. Software Engineers are engineering graduates hired to support projects in various technical functions across delivery projects. They are covered under a service agreement for a period of 18 months.  
  • Design: We hire candidates from leading design Institutes for the UxD team (User Experience Design) to work on specific design-oriented projects.
  • Domain Specific Skills:  We hire candidates for specific skill sets like M. E VLSI/ Hardware, Mechanical, Biotechnology to work in core areas, which helps to start their career.
  • Graduate Software Trainee: Graduate Software Engineers are graduates from Science, Mathematics, and Finance background hired to support projects in various delivery projects, corporate roles, and technical functionalities. They are covered under a service agreement for a period of 24 months.
  • Graduate Trainee: Graduate trainees are graduates with a BA or BBA background hired for specific roles like Project Management (PMO), Employee Engagement and other corporate teams.
  • Academic Trainee: At HCL, we run an Internship Program, through which we recruit MCA candidates from institutes as academic trainees, to perform various tasks for our global and regional customers. Academic trainees are provided on-the-job training on decided subjects and business lines for 8-12 weeks.
The goal of the E school hiring initiative is to give entry-level graduates an opportunity to work on development projects that interest them. They work on the latest versions in emerging technologies, in turn imbibe knowledge, and gain expertise in core areas such as VLSI and Mechanical. HCL rewards those who display initiative, come up with innovative ideas, and demonstrate high skill levels and the urge to diversify talent and knowledge. In fact, at HCL, career growth depends on the skill level and not on the number of years spent working in the organization.   

Consequently, the recruited individuals have unlimited opportunities to diversify their talent, improve their knowledge, gain experience and fast track their career.


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