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Services for Consumer Electronics

HCL provides concept-to-manufacturing services that include product development services, product sustenance services, new technology services, professional services, end-of-life services, and technical support, to the consumer electronics market. Through these services, HCL creates smarter products, accelerates product launches, and provides quality and compliance at all levels.

  • Mobility Solutions: HCL's Mobility division provides services in the areas of PCB design, testing and validation, reliability engineering, very-large-scale integration (VLSI) design, and analog design. Read more.

  • Digital Lifestyle: With over 3,000 person years of experience and a resource pool that has executed more than 50 projects, HCL provides end-to-end product development to its clients in the digital lifestyle domain. HCL has also made significant investments in specialized labs to enable innovation with its continuous R&D efforts. Read more.

  • White Goods: With over 4,000 person years of experience, and more than ten years in practice, HCL works with the top 3 white goods manufacturers in the world in the home applications domain. Read more

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