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Solutions & Frameworks

With over a decade of experience, HCL provides various innovative consumer electronics solutions to its global customers. They include:

  • Drishti: Drishti allows the healthcare facilities like hospitals, assisted living facilities and old age homes to locate their patients, equipments, etc. in real time... Read More
  • Wireless Gateway Framework: It includes features like fire and intrusion alarm detection from wireless smoke, event triggered video and image recording etc... Read More
  • Codecs & Transcoders: HCL offers a library of Audio and Video Codecs which can be optimized to the various CE platforms... Read More
  • Agora: It is a next Generation Services platform to Enable, Deliver, Aggregate and Distribute Cloud/M2M services for technology and service provider companies... Read More
  • Home Networking Stacks: HCLT provides a complete IEEE 1394-1995 software stack with support for protocols running over the 1394 transport... Read More
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