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iSeries Consulting Services

Building on HCL's maturity in technology and experience in handling few of the largest iSeries customer installations, our consulting line of services ensures that customers enjoy an effective, efficient and productive IT infrastructure operation. We assist in optimizing investments in technology, people and processes guaranteeing greater quality and increased end-user delight through requisite expertise and in-depth domain understanding. HCL has also built robust and mature processes and enhanced visibility tools to establish pre-eminence within this services arena.

Our iSeries Consulting Services include:

  • Server consolidation including Hardware Sizing, Hardware Optimizations, Infrastructure Transformations, Multi-platform Integrations, Data Migrations, Data Transitions and System I LPARs implementations.
  • Designing and implementing DR solutions including DR planning facilitation, implementing HA software solutions and Business continuity planning and implementation.
  • System i security environments assessment and implementations
  • Performance management and optimization
iSeries Consulting Services- HCL Tech

These services are customized to meet customer needs and enable customers to expand their IT capabilities.

Server Sizing, Consolidations & Data Migrations

An organization’s success and ability to react to market and environmental changes are now more dependent on an effective and efficient IT infrastructure. In order to become more efficient and improve their competitive stance, organizations need to find ways to simplify their IT environments, without disrupting their business operations. Our iSeries consulting service for server consolidation provides the first step towards designing and implementing a more rational, efficient and flexible IT environment that truly supports an organization’s overall strategic business objectives.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & High Availability Solutions

In this highly competitive business marketplace, there is little room for error in terms of availability, continuous operations, or recovery in the event of an unplanned outage. In today’s connected world, an event that makes the business data unavailable, even for relatively short periods of time, has the potential to cause a major impact. Our iSeries Consulting Service for Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & High Availability solutions provide the strategic approach for coping with situations that rise due to any outages. This service line enables business back in operations with a minimal or zero downtime with customizable options. DRBA & HA signifies the ability to adapt and respond to risks, as well as opportunities, in order to maintain continuous business operations. Together all of these form a basis for business continuity.

Security Assessment & Implementations

An organization’s management must understand the many different security threats they face, and ensure that proper security controls are in place to address them. Our iSeries Consulting Service for Security Assessment & Implementations helps our customers to have secured server environments by implementations of security policies performing compliance monitoring & management using accounting for vulnerabilities, threats, risks and countermeasures, security controls, roles and responsibilities and information classification.

Performance Management & Optimization

On this consulting area of Performance Management on the server or system side, the services help customers by planning and managing system resources through ongoing analysis of key performance indicators. This helps in management of system resources to its maximum usage and supports smooth server operations.

What Customers Say

"We were facing two main challenges in our business. First - we needed to reduce our IT cost structure significantly to bring it in line with the declining revenues from the print side of our business. Second - we needed to revitalize and add to our digital product portfolio to reflect the rapidly changing nature of our business. We brought in HCL in March of 2011, and have already seen significant results. We have reduced internal headcount by 30% and reduced IT operating costs by over 20%. Additionally, HCL is playing a critical role in several of our new product development initiatives. This has allowed us to improve the quality of our digital products and reduce costs.”

- CTO, well known Print and Interactive Marketing Organization in the USA

"We chose HCL as a strategic partner to help us manage our existing applications and implement new technologies. HCL provides us with high quality development support onshore, at our offices in the U.S.; as well as a dedicated offshore team in India. Over the last 3 years, we have come to rely upon HCL for the required technical expertise. HCL has been responsive to the needs of the IT group and our customers and have been committed to delivering high quality services with a level of flexibility required by our business."

- CIO, A leading US Insurance Company