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Mainframe Performance Management Services

The IBM Mainframe has been the computing workhorse for many large organizations. According to Gartner, there are approximately about 14 million MIPS (million instructions per second) installed globally*. They run complex, mission critical applications and are known to be secure, efficient, reliable and scalable. However, they can be expensive to maintain and are known to have high software licensing costs. The software licensing cost calculations are mostly dependent on MIPS installed or consumed on the mainframe.

In the current economic scenario, IT budgets are constantly under pressure and there is an expectation to do more with less. Most organizations also face a challenge of increasing data volumes to keep up with the ever increasing demand for more information and thereby the need for more processing power. Large organizations have realized that they can reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by tuning workloads running on the Mainframe. They have also realized that their TCO can be significantly reduced by implementing various enhancements that have arrived with new releases of IBM mainframe software.

HCL uses its proprietary framework for Workload Optimization to help customers analyze their workloads and identify opportunities for performance tuning. This framework takes into account the Environment, System & Subsystem parameters, usage & runtime data from SMF, data from Performance Tools, History Reports and Application Architecture to arrive at an optimal solution.

HCL offers the following solutions to optimize the workloads running on the mainframe:

  • Environment, System & Subsystem Tuning
  • Data Access & Code Tuning
  • Application Architecture & Design Optimization
  • Workload Rationalization

We offer the following benefits to customers:

Potential Benefits to HCL Customers 3

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What Customers Say

"We were facing two main challenges in our business. First - we needed to reduce our IT cost structure significantly to bring it in line with the declining revenues from the print side of our business. Second - we needed to revitalize and add to our digital product portfolio to reflect the rapidly changing nature of our business. We brought in HCL in March of 2011, and have already seen significant results. We have reduced internal headcount by 30% and reduced IT operating costs by over 20%. Additionally, HCL is playing a critical role in several of our new product development initiatives. This has allowed us to improve the quality of our digital products and reduce costs.”

- CTO, well known Print and Interactive Marketing Organization in the USA

"We chose HCL as a strategic partner to help us manage our existing applications and implement new technologies. HCL provides us with high quality development support onshore, at our offices in the U.S.; as well as a dedicated offshore team in India. Over the last 3 years, we have come to rely upon HCL for the required technical expertise. HCL has been responsive to the needs of the IT group and our customers and have been committed to delivering high quality services with a level of flexibility required by our business."

- CIO, A leading US Insurance Company