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Design & Manufacturing

Please find below examples of our experience in Design and Manufacture:

Design Manufacturing 1A global refuelling equipment manufacturer undertook a Business Process Transformation involving the design and implementation of a lean flow production facility.Within nine months of project launch, the company was able to meet customer demands and achieve a record output, through an increase in schedule adherence to 100%. Furthermore, there was 17% productivity improvement and reduction of 78% in lead-time, 65% in work in progress and 25% in assembly floor space.

Design Manufacturing 2US OEM transformed from a functional to process based organisation. They created value across the entire value chain using HCL's Business Transformation approach. A Value Chain Integration strategy was developed, which included critical integration principles, associated operating policies and key performance indicator and evaluation of the suitability of the existing information technology architecture.The solution included a common vision to transform the business using a method for determining required integration elements, prioritized collaboration initiatives and IT infrastructure needs.

Design Manufacturing 3A global supplier of systems and services to the aerospace and defense industries implemented SAP. The implementation included project management, web integration, change mgt. and education to cover business processes for 2000 users across nine sites in the USA and Europe. "HCL has demonstrated the SAP expertise and industry knowledge that will help us leverage our business systems investment to achieve substantial business benefits".

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