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Smart Grid


Smart solutions for smart gridSpearheading “Smart Grid” transformation and advancement in intelligent utility network, the relatively stagnant power transmission and distribution market joins hands with information technology, energy and telecommunication markets. Smart Grid initiatives focus on Smart Meters for Smart Homes, with household appliances operating on Time-of-Use pricing and demand-response programs. Additional renewable power sources present opportunities in “Green Energy” generation & usage, and demand & delivery optimization.

Present Challenges & Roadblocks

  • Diverse Interests – Different stakeholders with different perspectives and focus areas
  • Evolutionary Stage – Bottlenecks in implementation with varied standards and protocols
  • Lack of Collaboration – Need for multi-disciplinary approach to leverage the best-in-class offerings across multiple stakeholders
  • Transactional viz-a-viz strategic – A long-term sustainable solution framework required that adds value to the entire value-chain
  • Operational Model: Implementation of Pilot Projects at cost of customer dissatisfaction is not helping the cause

Our Smart Grid Vision

HCL’s S2SGTM initiative delivers sustainable, innovative, flexible, reliable and efficient solutions facilitating consumer empowerment through optimized and real-time use of information and resources.

Our Approach

HCL follows the CEI (Collaborate - Enable - Integrate) approach for successful Smart Grid implementations.

C: Collaborate with Device Manufacturers, Software product companies, utilities, etc. to identify best fit solutions for customers and knock of shells of respective Silos

E: Enablement of end consumers will determine the success of a Smart Grid solution rollout. Enablement of all stakeholders will help in achieving the true objectives of Smart Grid

I: Integration & Interoperability between diverse components ensures seamless functioning of the Smart Grid

Our Three-Fold SMART Agenda

  • Smart Energy Delivery – Smart  & Optimum Use of Electricity
  • Facilitator for Green-Environment
  •  Benefit all Stakeholders Financially

HCL - Value Proposition

Smart Grid Ecosystem - HCL Tech

HCL S2SGTM is the Partner of Choice, proactively addressing bottlenecks for end-to-end integration and real-time analytics for stakeholders across markets, operations, service providers, retail & distribution and end consumers. A Smart Grid ecosystem is similar to a human body wherein the brain and the spine are key components in enabling smooth body functions.

Various forms of HCL's S2SGTM services

Smart Grid Lab

Adopting the CEI approach, HCL created the Smart Grid Lab with focus on addressing the pain-points and industry challenges by leveraging technological advances amidst changing business dynamics. The HCL Smart Grid Lab assists customers in drawing Smart Grid solution adoption roadmap, identification of best suited solution, collaborate with partners in testing solution models, reduce risk, meeting time-to-market, etc.

Smart solutions for smart grid Solutions:

  • Smart Energy Management
  • Smart BANA
  • Smart Traveling
  • Smart PV
  • Smart Supply
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Customer Information System
  • Advanced Billing System
  • Asset Management
  • GIS
  • Advanced Metering Solution
  • Mobile Workforce Management

Service Offerings

Smart Solution Offerings By HCL Tech

HCL Beyond the Contract

What Customers Say

“The HCL AXON team wholeheartedly embraced the challenge and exceeded our expectations. They got 11 countries transacting business and 10 remote locations communicating — all within our 90-day time frame. They are more like a partner than a vendor.”
- Chief Financial Officer, leading oil and gas service company


“We appreciate the dedication of HCL employees who are working on the project both from the offshore location in India and on our sites when required. Excellent work was done during the requirement specification phase, which was the core for the success of the overall project. Also, the offshore ongoing support is working well and is saving us from having full-time in-house support in each location.”

- Program Manager, Fortune 50 oil and gas major in the United States