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ARGOS is a framework that assists in end to end IPv6 migration of enterprise infrastructure, applications, services and business critical applications.


Market Need

By 2015 there will be more than 7.1 billion mobile connected devices. Considering the IPv4 address exhaustion (4.2 billion addresses) and unlimited address space in IPv6 (340 undecillion) there is a real push for IPv6 adoption. For enterprise or product companies there are still some unanswered questions regarding IPv6 migration such as where do they need to start from, what do they need to migrate, what is the cost & effort involved, what benefi­ts will they get from IPv6 migration and so on.

Every business wants to ensure continuity during IPv6 migration, be it service providers, organizations, products, ISVs or online business and for that they need a tool which can assist them in smooth migration of both infrastructure & custom applications to IPv6.


  • Argos migration methodology and assessment tools can help reduce 15-25% of the migration cost
  • One stop solution for end to end migration starting from assessment to actual migration of infrastructure and business critical / custom applications
  • Different views based on the business need
    • Single view of multi-vendors’ supplied products-hardware, software etc.
    • Consolidated view of estimated cost of IPv6 upgrade
    • Consolidated view of inventory, cost and migration alternates
  • Web based portal with complete visibility about discovered hardware and software assets , IPv6 readiness , migration alternates , migration cost & network topology to manage IPv6 migration execution


  • Product engineering - End-to-end service from assessment to actual migration throughout PDLC. Works on software, hardware and embedded components
  • Product deployment -- End-to-end service from planning to deployment. Addresses assessment to execution to operations management & training
  • Enterprise Assessment -Assessment of infrastructure elements-hardware/software, servers, end-points, application servers (e.g. Web, DB, SAP/CRM etc.) and customized applications (e-services, business or industry specifi­c applications)
  • Compliance and readiness against IPv6 requirements (RFC and government pro­files)
  • Enterprise migration, testing and training - Project management, migration execution, testing, staff training and pre logo certifi­cation testing