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Real Business Benefits

HCL ERS understands that our success as an Engineering partner is dependent on the success of our customers’ products and solutions.  We, at HCL, combine our passion for engineering with an unwavering focus on delivering to specific real-world business objectives such as accelerating time to market, reducing cost of ownership and leveraging new technology for increased user adoption.

HCL has over the last 5 years, developed specific models to address a combination of the following business needs:

Product Launch & Acceleration: Product success depends on rapid launch of differentiating experiences. We enable accelerated go-to-market for products and platforms by performing turnkey program management, creating readily available Global Delivery Centers(GDC) and adopting an integrated NPI approach to help our customers meet the escalating demands of their customers and to achieve product success in time frame shortened by up to 30%. To find out more, click on the links most relevant to your industry.

  1. OEM’s : Device Product launch and Acceleration
  2. ISV / Online companies : Software Product launch and Acceleration
  3. Enterprises and Platform providers: Platform Build and Acceleration


Cost & Operations Optimization: Business success is not only about launching new successful products – but also managing and optimizing existing portfolios; many of which need to be refreshed and maintained for continuing benefits. We impact operational & product cost through quality compliance, product sustenance & obsolescence management and value engineering & BOM optimization to reduce the cost of ownership by up to 40%. To find out more on the different ways you can optimize your cost and operations please refer to the sections below.


  1. Obsolescence management: Product Sustaining and Support
  2. Re-engineering for lower cost: Value Engineering
  3. Quality of devices: Device Quality and Compliance
  4. Quality of software: Software Product Quality and Compliance


New Technology Adoption: Mobility and Cloud are two technologies that have transformed the way enterprises and consumers’ access information, entertainment and other services. Our dedicated cloud and mobile CoEs bring together talent; tools and frameworks which enable our customers adapt their current offerings and launch new services which harness the potential of new transformational technology.  To find out more on the different ways you HCL can work with you in the adoption of new technologies please refer to the sections below.


  1. Mobility: Mobile Device and application Engineering
  2. Product Intelligence: Smart Products and Services

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