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HCL's Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)business unit has built a wide array of solutions (design and testing ) which engineer phenomenal experiences for customers, helping them accelerate time to market, reduce cost of ownership, and leverage new technology that increases user adoption.

  • App Test Factory (ATF): Unites distributed teams around the world by providing a centralized portal to administer and execute tests. It allows app developers to obtain quick access to end-to-end mobile testing platforms and services, and has the capability to create a single test script which can run on multiple platforms and operating systems. Read more

  • Electronic Device Automation Testing (eDAT): A scalable and standardized engineering and testing service automation platform that is flexible enough to test a wide array of devices, while robust enough to fulfill test requirements for each individual device. Read more

  • Intelligent Sustenance Engineering (ISE):  Utilizes the power of product intelligence, big data, and analytics, to ensure that product sustenance is efficient, responsive, and cost effective. ISE unlocks value from the synergies between the tech support teams, sustenance engineering teams, and product engineering teams. Read more

  • Intelligent Tech Support (ITS):  Utilizes an analytics-based Value Per Interaction (VPI) measurement to increase support effectiveness, customer satisfaction and decrease overall cost, over time. Read more

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM): A one-stop solution for next generation digitization requirements of OEMs and software vendors. It offers an end-to-end solution for content creation, storage, and the management of simple and complex engineering scenarios. Read more

  • Platform Acceleration Suite (PAS): Forms the building blocks on which global services platforms are built. It has all the necessary tools, logic, frameworks and libraries built-in, so as to accelerate the building process of multi-tenant apps by up to 40%. Read more

  • Product Intelligence (PI):  A solution designed to help companies address business challenges arising from increasing scope/design complexity of products. PI enables product managers to take calculated decisions on multiple aspects of engineering design process product development. Read more

  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE): An effective framework which identifies and eliminates areas of high cost and improves the profitability of a product by creating alternatives that perform the required function at a lower total cost. Read more

  • Internet Of Things (IoT): IOT framework accelerates the journey towards achieving a connected products and service portfolio, and helps deliver a rich user experience through new business models beyond traditional product delivery. Read more

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Engineering Services Outsourcing - Unraveling Myths
Engineering Services Outsourcing - Unraveling Myths


Business Impact through Product Engineering
Business Impact through Product Engineering
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