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Website Analyzer

Website Analyzer is a framework for development and comprehensive testing of websites compatible with IE10 in Metro style UI mode.


Market Need

There is phenomenal growth in the global tablet and smart phone market. Consumers of these tablets and smart phones are increasingly looking for improved battery life, security, reliability and privacy as top of the priority list items. Microsoft, with its Metro style IE using the plug-in free HTML5 browser in Windows 8 addresses these requirements. This also improves the overall consumer experience. However existing sites when opened in IE10 in lieu of IE9 may face technical challenges in terms of malfunctioning of RSS Links, UI distortions, text wraps etc. These need to be identified early on and addressed.

HCL provides a framework which is used for development &testing of sites compatible with IE10 in Metro style UI mode.


  • Enables organizations to provide their customers with an enriched experienced through Metro style UI and other IE 10 features
  • Quick results for large number of URLS, save results in database, track results over time and save settings for future references. Enables comparing of an application on different IE browsers
  • Enables test team to verify their application in IE10 with automated IE10 compatibility tests and different agent strings. Also estimates the cost and time investment in making the application IE10 compatible
  • Provides compatibility test results in pre-production environment – prevents production downtime and ensures websites go through a seamless transition from IE9 to IE10


  • Web crawler component: Comprising of a webpage veri­fier & IE10 compatibility checker to verify and test URLs to nth depth level, generate consolidated reports and notify user of the same
  • Multi-threading: Implemented to improve performance. Flexibility to con­figure the threads allows and veri­fies URLs for different user agent strings. Search for the multiple text pattern in URLs page source code. Provides various ­filter criteria on the basis of base URLs,.htm/.html,asp/.aspx,.js,.css etc.
  • Manual testing: Component with a comprehensive impact matrix, including visual styling, accessibility, functionality, performance, etc. Enrichment of crawler capability – Inputs on non-supported elements from manual investigation into the crawler component
  • User specifi­c access and authentication: Webpage verifi­er performs analysis on CSS, XHML, JS validations; bad links and other custom validations. Supports run for a large number of URLs (approx. 100k) with data put in SQL to track over time