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Enterprise Transformation Services

Agile Consulting Services

Agile forms a key process assurance services by HCL Process Quality Consulting group. As the name suggests, Agile means Agility in the ways of working. Compared to traditional models, which has a longer release cycle, Agile enables quick releases on a day to day basis as the software is developed in short “timeboxes” frames.

Typical IT challenges that requires Agile ways of working:

IT Challenges

Agile Solutions

Deliver functionality faster

By delivering prioritized user requirements in market in shorter span of time.

Adapt to changes

By allowing business to change user requirement priority for next sprint.

Increase productivity

By having teams communicating frequently, hence better understanding of requirement and lesser rework.

Enhance software quality

By continuously testing the software

Improve  ROI to business

By delivering functional product faster.

Improve project visibility

By displaying progress on a daily basis.

Reduce risk

By monitoring daily and addressing issues early.

HCL’s Agile Consulting helps its clients to work smarter and unlock their full potential of the technology investments. HCL contributes significantly in business process, applications and network infrastructure with a pragmatic approach based on practical experience. Depending on the clients need HCL offers a range of customized packages.

HCL’s Agile consulting model

HCL’s Agile consulting model

The key benefit of HCL’s Agile consulting model is delivery is creating capability to deliver working products/services in shorter timeframes.

HCL’s Agile consulting model focuses on developing software in short “timeboxes” or iterations that typically last upto four weeks. In each of the iteration, for a new functionality, the entire sprint lifecycle is adopted. At the end of each sprint, the team reevaluates project priorities. The team emphasize realtime communication, preferably face-to-face, over written documents. The team comprise of all the people necessary to finish the software like – programmers, product managers, business analysts, testers, designers, or the customers.

HCL offer four different services to our clients: Assessment, Coaching, Consulting and Training.


Benefits of HCL’s Agile model adaption

  • Reduce Time-to-Market
  • Immediate RoI
  • Increased quality because of combined effort of development & testing
  • Reduce in waste of time & material
  • Better predictability because of short iterations
  • Better team morale
  • Increased control because of built in tracking mechanism
  • Easy response to Change

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What Customers Say

“This week we successfully went live with the domestic rollout of our foreign exchange and money market systems. The initiative encompassed the integration of 120 systems involving more than 350 people across the organization, 12 technical working groups, and about 30 test teams.
The delivery of the system is a tremendous outcome for us as it continues to transform our capability. Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that the initiative met its goals”.

- General Manager, a multinational bank

“Our sales force recommended a list of implementation/migration partners, including HCL. After a round of interviews, we decided to hire HCL. We were working against a very tight timeline and a lot of unknowns. HCL was able to articulate a migration plan that not only fit our schedule but removed a lot of risks. HCL brought in a team of experts. We are very happy to have worked with HCL and would do it again.”

 - Director, Engineering Services, a global information services company