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Enterprise Transformation Services

IT Process Consulting

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IT organizations are continuously facing challenges with respect to demanding business requirements. They need to meet them through improvement of operational efficiencies, changing technological landscape, sourcing strategies, better Governance etc. IT processes form the underlying DNA of IT management in the organization. HCL Quality Process Consulting helps in streamlining the IT processes for meeting the day to day IT challenges.

HCL Quality Process Consulting is a niche service offering as a part of the suite of Transformation Services. HCL Quality Process Consulting offers process improvement services that span the entire continuum ranging from Process definition, implementation & training to Process assessments for Model and non-model based improvement initiatives.

HCL’s Quality Consulting strength lies in the skills and rich experience of our consultants, who have considerable experience in Project management, Software Engineering, Models like CMMI, ITIL, ISO etc. They bring with them practical implementation experience of various processes that best fits client’s IT environment.

For continuous improvement program related to IT processes, HCL recommends Model and Non-model based approaches:
  • Model Based Approach (S-P-E-A-R): SPEAR stands for Study-Promote-Execute-Achieve-Realize. We build the overall process capability by adopting models and standards like ISO 9001: 2000, CMMI Level 5, ISO 27001 / BS7799, BS15000 / ISO 20000 as reference models
  • Non-model Based Approach (P-R-O-B-E): PROBE stands for Process Re-engineering Ownership for Business Eminence. We build action plans for an overall process journey to define, train, and deploy specific processes based on the detailed analysis of identified business objectives, issues, concerns and priorities.

Process Consulting Service Offerings

HCL provides the following services that ensure a deployment of comprehensive process improvement program in an organization:

1. Current State / Gap Analysis: Current state analysis helps organization to understand the “As-is” state of various IT practices. It also finds out gaps vis-à-vis desired model/standard or with the selected inputs. Key inputs for current state analysis include Business/IT objectives, Best practices, and selected models/standards, in addition to the practices that are being assessed. Under Gap Analysis we discover the improvement opportunities for the organization and the recommend changes.

2. Process Improvement Planning: Process Improvement Planning (PIP) is a key phase of the process improvement initiative. The PIP methodology used by HCL comprises of 3 key phase – Strategize, Prioritize, and Plan

  • Strategize: In this phase the health of the process improvement is analyzed by studying the various inputs and identify the desired state of the process with reference to models/standards.
  • Prioritize: This phase includes objectives prioritization, identifying quick-wins, evaluating pilot approach and detailing out plans.
  • Plan: Based on the output of the two phases above, the tactical plans are drawn up in this phase, which comprises of estimating the effort, identifying resources, budgets and drawing up timelines.

3. Process Definition: HCL Quality Process Consulting helps the organization in developing a Quality management framework that can cover SDLC, IT Project Management, Information Security/BCM, Vendor Management, IT Controls, IT Service Management and related IT processes. The Process Consultants have multiple years of experience in setting up the process definitions that covers methodologies, key operating procedures, templates, forms, guidelines and checklists that address the needs of various profiles of projects and services. Key features of HCL’s standard processes include ETVX based process flows, responsibility matrix, metrics-based process effectiveness measurement and guidelines to manage various profiles of projects.

4. Measurement Framework: Measurement is the mechanism by which an organization gains insight into its performance. HCL proposes the “Goal-driven Software Measurement Framework” approach to define and deploy the right measurement framework in IT organizations.

5. Training: Training is a critical element of deployment phase of any process improvement initiative. High Quality of training reflects on team’s ability to ramp-up on required skills and deploy the new practices. It plays a key role in Organization change management of deploying new processes or getting compliant to a new model. HCL’s consultants have been trained as trainers to impart professional process training.

6. Implementation Support – S6 Approach: We endeavor to partner with Clients in their internal process improvement initiatives. HCL’s Consultants as part of the Core team can significantly contribute by simplifying implementation and reducing pain points. (Click here to view the 6 approach)

7. Audits & Assessments: This phase reflect compliance and effectiveness of process, people, tools and their interactions. Audits and Assessments serve as qualitative indicators of practice implementation across the IT organization. HCL’s consultants have multiple years of experience in conducting Audits and Assessments. They are certified to conduct audits and their credentials include Certified Lead Auditors, Certified Lead Assessors, and Auditors Registered with IRCA.

8. Change Management: HCL’s consultants help client organizations manage change, by deploying appropriate proactive measures. This included steps like obtaining senior management commitment, communication campaign, success stories, FAQs and Web-pages etc. Organization change management is a key aspect of focus in all transformation initiatives.

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What Customers Say

“This week we successfully went live with the domestic rollout of our foreign exchange and money market systems. The initiative encompassed the integration of 120 systems involving more than 350 people across the organization, 12 technical working groups, and about 30 test teams.
The delivery of the system is a tremendous outcome for us as it continues to transform our capability. Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that the initiative met its goals”.

- General Manager, a multinational bank

“Our sales force recommended a list of implementation/migration partners, including HCL. After a round of interviews, we decided to hire HCL. We were working against a very tight timeline and a lot of unknowns. HCL was able to articulate a migration plan that not only fit our schedule but removed a lot of risks. HCL brought in a team of experts. We are very happy to have worked with HCL and would do it again.”

 - Director, Engineering Services, a global information services company