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Enterprise Transformation Services

Performance Engineering Services

HCL Performance Engineering services encompass the length & breadth of a system’s performance engineering requirements such as Responsiveness, Scalability, Reliability & High Availability. In its journey to provide highly specialized services, the Performance Engineering Practice and its highly skilled & trained consultants are committed to deliver the right quality, the first time. We take a differentiated approach of engineering IT for performance than just testing to ensure the right quality, as a one-stop shop. Our highly skilled and experienced team enables us to offer the following services:

Performance Testing 

Testing of a system to ensure its responsiveness, scalability, reliability & high availability across domains, technologies; be it web based n-tier application, client-server, SOA based solutions or commercial off-the-shelf solutions.

HCL does following activities as a part of performance test life cycle:

Activities as a part of Performance Test Life Cycle

Application Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an important activity to develop & maintain a point of reference in case of newly developed solutions or products. It is desirable to see how well an application is doing with respect to its competitors & a previous release. The benchmarking approach intends to generate enough metrics to assert expected behavior across a range of platforms, including possible scalability variations e.g. application scalability when a cluster is scaled-up or scaled-out.

The performance test life cycle which HCL follows in Application Benchmarking is more or less similar to the Performance Testing except in some phases like Requirements definition and Test execution. In absence of any baseline for a newly developed application or a product HCL helps its customers to develop the Performance requirements based on its vast experience and following industry best practices. HCL does an elaborate test execution for benchmarking based on the approved requirement definition. The tests and scenarios are so designed that they cover the length and breadth of application landscape improving our customer’s confidence on application performance.

Client Side Performance Testing

Oftentimes we tend to forget that it takes a lot in the creation of “a” web page and in a particular web site there would be so many web pages. With the advent of Web 2.0 a lot of emphasis is put on the look and feel of an application, thus demanding focus on client side of an application’s performance. It is about thinking performance beyond server-side.

HCL offers this unique service to its customers to iron out the performance issues which are generally created as an offset to rich internet/web applications. Often the “slowness” experienced by the end user is not due to processing time at application or database, but due to the time spent on the network to paint the webpage on the end user screen. In such a case “Client side performance testing” service from HCL helps overcome these problems without losing on the “look and feel” or “beauty” of the webpage. HCL uses specialized tools to gather the client side data such as web page client response time, page size, page response codes, gif’s/jpeg’s, java scripts etc. and provides recommendations to make the page leaner and faster.

Pre-production Performance Certification

Pre-production performance certification is a service offering recommended for all the applications which are mission critical. Users of the system are sensitive about its responsiveness and high availability. A system is recommended to undergo a battery of tests to ensure that any minor or major change has not regressed from acceptable Performance & Capacity estimates. The service is designed to certify a system’s worthiness to Go-Live.

HCL recommends this certification exercise to be done on the production environment i.e. one the same infrastructure on which the application is designed to go live. The life cycle stages for Pre-production performance certification are same as that of performance testing. In this case HCL takes outmost care to ensure that the workload model is created as close to the production so that the failures at deployment risks are eliminated.

Resilience Testing

Users’ of a system are extremely critical to its high availability and responsiveness. A down time or possible clogging could ward off users from using it in future leading to substantial and irreparable business loss. Resilience testing is a need of present day business, be it a social network or an e-commerce site. As part of the service, our team is committed to simulate failure situations, design & recommend what is required to be done to ensure uptime and responsiveness.

HCL through its vast experience in failover, availability, reliability testing provides this service to its customers so as to help them build robust software applications which can ensure business as usual in event of natural, manmade calamities, regular maintenances and planned downtime’s. The different kinds of tests executed as a part of this service are as DR site failover, Determine single point of failure, Redundancy check at every tier etc.

Consulting Services

Organizations world over look for guidance in Performance Engineering and Testing when they plan for a new product roadmap or a third party application integration or legacy modernization or building a massive feature rich e-commerce web site. At times they seek guidance in server consolidation or effective hardware sizing to reduce total cost of ownership. Performance Engineering Practice from HCL, with its highly experienced Performance engineering consultants help organizations to solve any of their Performance, Scalability, Reliability & Availability concerns or decision making.

HCL has a consulting service offering at every life cycle of performance engineering and testing like:

  • Performance requirements definition, workload modelling
  • Performance test design and strategy
  • Performance test execution, POC for determining correct and optimal load generation tools.
  • Performance test result analysis and providing tuning recommendations
  • Independent performance test review or audits to ensure high quality performance testing


Profiling & Diagnosis


HCL appreciates that Application Performance Management is one of the key considerations in any application development life cycle or system integration. As part of ensuring that the application or a system behaves in an expected & acceptable manner, it needs to be analyzed from all possible angles of code, design, deployment environment configuration, system specification & right choice of hardware to be fast & scalable. It’s about fitting the right peg in the right hole. To come to this point our best of the breed Performance engineers utilize their experience-driven expertise in profiling, analyzing and diagnosing issues in the application. They specialize in various commercial & open source tools to identify tuning opportunities across & make suitable recommendation. At a high level it includes; CPU, Memory, SQL & Thread profiling.

Tuning & Optimization

Performance of an application is best if all the possible elements of a system are carefully chosen & configured for their optimal behavior. It encompasses right selection of hardware, deployment topology, tuning Web/Application/Database servers for expected response time & capacity estimates. Engineers from the Performance Engineering Practice are skilled and specifically trained in meeting those system expectations.

Based on the customer’s preference HCL provides an option to package this service with ETE performance engineering or as an independent service just of Tuning and optimization. The life cycle for this service is as described in the figure below:

Test and Optimization life cycle

Performance Testing Packaged Application

Skilled Performance Test engineers of the Performance Engineering Practice have extensive hands-on exposure in servicing performance testing of packaged enterprise solutions on ERP/CRM such as SAP, Siebel, Oracle E-Business or PeopleSoft.

Performance testing practice in HCL duly recognizes the fact that the landscape of performance testing is very wide and we need to provide specialized skill sets to our customers in order to ensure high level of success in execution. Hence HCL has invested on developing specific performance testing skill sets based on the Tools used, Application Technologies, Domain and Packaged applications.

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What Customers Say

“This week we successfully went live with the domestic rollout of our foreign exchange and money market systems. The initiative encompassed the integration of 120 systems involving more than 350 people across the organization, 12 technical working groups, and about 30 test teams.
The delivery of the system is a tremendous outcome for us as it continues to transform our capability. Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that the initiative met its goals”.

- General Manager, a multinational bank

“Our sales force recommended a list of implementation/migration partners, including HCL. After a round of interviews, we decided to hire HCL. We were working against a very tight timeline and a lot of unknowns. HCL was able to articulate a migration plan that not only fit our schedule but removed a lot of risks. HCL brought in a team of experts. We are very happy to have worked with HCL and would do it again.”

 - Director, Engineering Services, a global information services company