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Enterprise Transformation Services

Test Factory in a Box

Why Test Factory In a Box (TFIB)?

Challenges of IT Organizations

As per the observation, across the industry, Client project teams always face the challenges such as:

  • Establishing the processes for testing from the initiation to delivery. It is learnt that 30% of the effort is spent for this purpose of establishing the processes.
  • Time consuming effort for the project team members to identify the relevant processes, guidelines and templates.
  • Roles and responsibilities are not specifically defined which leads to chaotic situations.
  • Non-availability of an operational model due to which the organizations are not able to scale and customize according to the changes in their requirements in time to time.
  • Optimal usage of tools and their availability and accessibility
TFIB as a Solution

HCL’s TFIB helps in transforming the way in which QA activities are performed. It helps by leveraging the best practices and optimizing the resources, tools and processes. TFIB comes out as one solution for all your testing related needs. It takes care of the business needs.

  • Organizations across the globe that face major challenges in optimizing one of the key areas of their IT -Testing.
  • Organizations have testing applications that are executed in silos with no scalable teams, tools standardization, peak and through of resource demand, idle times coupled with re-testing and downtime.
  • The best practices, metrics and frameworks across various Testing teams are neither shared nor leveraged at the enterprise level.
Key Benefits
  • Improved functional process test coverage
  • Deliver up to 20% savings on the “Cost of Quality”
  • Ability to deploy an ideal ‘Enterprise Test Factory' within the timeframe of 3-4 months
  • The benefits of employing Test Factory In a Box are:
    • Seamless transition using HCL proprietary ASSET framework
    • Improved productivity (predicts 20% more productivity than our current test service center)
    • Clear separation of service lines leading to resource
    • Platform for Launching Tools for the Test Enterprise
    • Integrated automation Framework for isolated test Scenarios
    • Guidelines & best practices for Functional modules
    • Team On Boarding with Domain Knowledge through Business process flows & scenarios.
    • Process and Template Standardization
    • Metric driven Governance and Reusability of Test Cases/ Scripts
    • Visibility and Transparency within the Test Enterprise and the stakeholders
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What Customers Say

“This week we successfully went live with the domestic rollout of our foreign exchange and money market systems. The initiative encompassed the integration of 120 systems involving more than 350 people across the organization, 12 technical working groups, and about 30 test teams.
The delivery of the system is a tremendous outcome for us as it continues to transform our capability. Thank you for working tirelessly to ensure that the initiative met its goals”.

- General Manager, a multinational bank

“Our sales force recommended a list of implementation/migration partners, including HCL. After a round of interviews, we decided to hire HCL. We were working against a very tight timeline and a lot of unknowns. HCL was able to articulate a migration plan that not only fit our schedule but removed a lot of risks. HCL brought in a team of experts. We are very happy to have worked with HCL and would do it again.”

 - Director, Engineering Services, a global information services company