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InvesITTM, a comprehensive solution aimed at the Investment Research industry, automates the research process end-to-end. Its key benefits arise from the degree of automation it provides for creating and distributing research documents and implementing rigorous compliance features. It is a truly global platform (fully web-based, multi-lingual, and can be deployed worldwide), and thus allows your analysts located in multiple countries to participate in the creation, review, approval and production of research products centrally.

The various modules of InvesITTM are weaved together enabling seamless research. At the same time, the modular offering of the product enables one or more modules to be implemented according to your needs. The modules are introduced below:

  • Authoring and Workflow management - automates authoring using MS word templates and, document and numbers management using workflow mechanism
  • Subscription management - enables capture and storage of client details and assign distribution preferences
  • Distribution management - automated distribution of the research products through channels like targeted media and general broadcast
  • Reference data management - centralized storage of global reference data across the research areas


  • Automation for quicker go-to-market - Reduced time-to-market of reports due to automation of research authoring, subscription and distribution
  • Compliance through customizable disclosure texts
    • Disclosures are fully customized according to the ticker, region and/or sector
    • Forms part of the 'dynamic' template for every document
    • Dynamic template also contains report specific data tables and charts
  • User friendly
    • Web-based UI makes it highly user-friendly
    • Authoring control caters to a flexible but controlled workflow
    • Template-driven report creation for each research product
  • Suitable across companies
    • Multilingual capability for use in any geography as well as a world-wide, integrated research environment
    • Modular suite enables customized solution

Bottom line: The InvesITTM platform liberates the research analyst to focus on delivering quality analyses and recommendations.

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What Customers say

“We chose HCL as a strategic partner to help us manage our existing applications and implement new technologies. HCL has been responsive to the needs of the IT group and our customers, and has been committed to delivering high-quality services with a level of flexibility required by our business."

- CIO, Fortune 15 insurance company


"Our bank won many of the most important IFR awards, including Bond House of the year, Interest Rate House of the year, and the overall Derivatives House. You played a key part in this achievement."
Global Head, Rates, leading global investment bank