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InvesITTM is a comprehensive solution that is aimed at the end-to-end automation of the Investment Research industry. Its key benefits arise from the degree of automation it provides for creating and distributing research documents, and implementing rigorous compliance features. It is a global platform (completely web-based, multi-lingual, and can be deployed worldwide), and thus allows analysts located across geographies to participate in the creation, review, approval and production of research products.

The various modules of InvesITTM are woven together enabling seamless automation of investment management research. Companies may also implement modules according to their needs. The modules include:

  • Authoring and Workflow Management - automates authoring using MS Word templates and, document and numbers management using workflow mechanisms
  • Subscription Management - enables the capture and storage of client details, and assigns distribution preferences
  • Distribution Management - automated distribution of the research products through channels like targeted media and general broadcasts
  • Reference Data Management - centralized storage of global reference data across research areas

What you can expect

InvesITTM liberates the research analyst to focus on delivering quality analyses and recommendations with the help of end-to-end automation of the investment research landscape.

  • Automation for quicker go-to-market - Reduced time-to-market of reports due to the automation of research authoring, subscription, and distribution
  • Compliance through customizable disclosure texts
    • Disclosures are fully customized according to the ticker, region and/or sector
    • Forms part of the 'dynamic' template for every document
    • Dynamic template also contains report specific data tables and charts
  • User friendly
    • Web-based UI makes it highly user-friendly
    • Authoring control caters to a flexible but controlled workflow
    • Template-driven report creation for each research product
  • Suitable across companies
    • Multi-lingual capability for use in any geography; integrated research environment
    • Modular suite enables customized solutions
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What Customers Say

“Throughout this project HCL was responsive and adaptable to the various changes that occurred, while remaining focused and productive. Additionally, HCL has a sharp understanding of our business processes and technology environment, which has offered us the added benefit of not disrupting our own staff during this important integration.“

- CIO, New Jersey based P&C carrier

We are pleased with HCL’s implementation approach in a global delivery model leveraging the proposed solution accelerators in areas of data conversion, integration and reporting related to claims.”

- CIO, A Leading Mutual Insurer in US