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Partnerships & Alliances

HCL’s Financial Services Partner Programs are designed to develop, sell and deliver the most comprehensive industry solutions available in the market. Our partnerships bring the relevant technology, industry and domain knowledge together, with tested products, to present a complete joint solution for our customers. By working together with partners, HCL augments and supports all solution and technology requirements and ensures that the best results are delivered.

Our Partnerships and Alliances Group consists of creation and sustenance, product management, and delivery groups. These groups work together and are responsible for building competencies in partner products, evolving joint GTM strategies, and delivering combined offerings to our financial services customers.

Strategic Partner: misyslogo

HCL and MISYS are long-term strategic partners, jointly offering end-to-end, best of breed product solutions in banking and capital markets segments. As MISYS’ strategic partner, for the past 7 years, HCL has brought in significant understanding of the banking domain and technology to build and enhance MISYS products so as to keep pace with changing market and regulatory requirements. HCL has taken these products to some of its key customers.

HCL has invested significantly in MISYS Product CoEs, where dedicated consultants carry out customer implementation,integration, development, and testing activities. This relationship has successfully and consistently delivered value to customers over the years, which is reflected in a growth of over 100% YoY, for the past two years. Highlights of this strategic partnership include:

  • HCL is the sole partner for MISYS and various versions of MISYS products are installed in our product labs. This enables HCL to serve a large number of MISYS customers and ensure the availability of skilled staff on the latest versions of these products.
  • HCL has developed MISYS-specific value added frameworks, which have helped banks and financial institutions significantly reduce the time and risk involved in implementations and upgrades. These include Test Automation Frameworks and Report Comparison Tools for Summit,Opics, and Loan IQ.
  • HCL has access to detailed knowledge repositories on the MISYS portal and HCL’s Intranet.

HCL is a strategic partner of Avaloq, a leader in integrated and comprehensive banking solutions. The highlight of this partnership is HCL’s offshore Center of Excellence (CoE) for Avaloq solutions in Bangalore, India. The center offers flexible and scalable capabilities in implementation, systems integration, migration and testing on Avaloq’s Banking Suite range of wealth management products. This partnership provides flexible and scalable access to Avaloq know-how, and the ability to deliver from off-shore, near-shore and on-site, leveraging HCL’s global delivery centers. It focuses on a global delivery  model during and after implementation of the Avaloq Banking Suite. In addition, the CoE provides support at the product level and for bank side services.

HCL-AVALOQ Partnership Summary


D+H is a leading financial technology provider the world's financial institutions trust to help them grow and succeed. Today, nearly 8,000 banks, specialty lenders, community banks, credit unions, governments and corporations rely on D+H to deliver solutions across six broad service areas: Lending Solutions, Core Solutions, Channel Solutions, Payment Solutions, Treasury Services Solutions and Optimization Solutions. The company is passionate about partnering with clients to create forward-thinking solutions that fit their needs, while helping them stay ahead of the market and anticipate changing consumer needs. D+H is one of the world’s top FinTech companies as measured on IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings and American Banker’s FinTech Forward.

Insurance Systems Partnership: ebaotech

HCL has a global partnership with eBaoTech. The partnership, which evolved over a period of 4 years, leverages eBaoTech’s innovative insurance systems and HCL’s end-to-end system integration services to provide a winning solution for customers. HCL's expertise on eBaoTech's General Insurance products includes implementation, customization and localization, analytics,testing, support and integration.

HCL has an eBaoTech Center of Excellence (CoE) with solution architects, functional experts,developers, testers and product consultants. HCL is currently undertaking the implementation of eBaoTech solutions in a Greenfield insurance project for a large bank, and a large Indian General Insurance company, and is also working with eBaoTech for a multi-country roll-out for a large multi-national.

Communications Solutions Partnership: equipos

Equipos and HCL partnered in 2012 to provide customers with automated client reporting and communications solutions. The partnership offers the Coric Client Communications Suite, professional, implementation, support, and joint marketing services. Equipos’ award-winning Coric solution empowers institutional asset managers and private wealth managers to increase operational efficiency and deliver exceptional client service with the minimal IT involvement.

Implementation Partnership: guidewire

HCL is a Guidewire Affiliate Partner and our implementation experience spans the entire Guidewire product portfolio. Since 2004, HCL has been offering business benefit oriented solutions on Guidewire products to companies across the globe, through robust frameworks, methodologies, and solution accelerators. Our Guidewire Center of Excellence (CoE) has  implemented Guidewire solutions across various lines of business in the P&C space. The CoE’s services include implementation, upgrade, testing, conversion, support and integration. Customers have benefitted immensely from HCL's Guidewire implementations. This is evident from the many prestigious awards our customers have won, including the 2010, 2009 and 2008 Guidewire Innovation Awards, the 2009 Celent Model Insurer Award, and the 2009 IASA Technology Achievement Award.


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What Customers Say

“Throughout this project HCL was responsive and adaptable to the various changes that occurred, while remaining focused and productive. Additionally, HCL has a sharp understanding of our business processes and technology environment, which has offered us the added benefit of not disrupting our own staff during this important integration.“

- CIO, New Jersey based P&C carrier

We are pleased with HCL’s implementation approach in a global delivery model leveraging the proposed solution accelerators in areas of data conversion, integration and reporting related to claims.”

- CIO, A Leading Mutual Insurer in US