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Unified Messaging Campaign with its core message of Relationship Beyond the Contract (RBtC) has been a positioning exercise. Accordingly, execution has not focused on changing but on strengthening the brand promise through programs and artifacts. In this section, we’ve described the various sub-initiatives that were executed as distinct collaborative projects by the campaign team with internal and external sponsors and vendors.


The Spirit of RBtC Video (

Channel: Online External and Internal | Timeline: August 2013 – October 2013 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, ITSA Brand Innovations, Flying Pigs Productions | Budget: USD 250,000

HCL collaborated with the multiple Cannes Lion winning team at ITSA, an advertising start-up with industry veterans, to create the Spirit of RBtC – a 105 second film that used a father-son relationship over a 20 year period, to creatively showcase our simple message – that every relationship has an underlying contract. However, the true joy and memorability of that relationship sprouts from moments in which the parties go beyond the contract. This was HCL’s way of placing our faith and future in the power of our relationships with our customers and not only on the contract signed with them.

This film has become the fastest in our industry to reach 2 million+ views on YouTube [App 1.2].   and has received smiles and emotional responses from customers, prospects and employees. It is difficult to quantify these responses, but we have included some quotes in the extras section.

The RBtC Business Alignment Advisory

Channel: Online and Offline External (Google Display Network, Demandbase) | Timeline: February 2014 – May 2014| Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, HCL Business Marketing teams, ITSA Brand Innovations| Budget: Internal execution

To unify the message across all lines of business, the RBtC Business Alignment Advisory team was formed. This team researched the individual capabilities and differentiators of our various service lines and created RBtC aligned creatives, messaging and digital campaigns. All marketing communications across the 5 verticals of HCLTECH were aligned with corporate messaging. Some of these verticals are – Media, Publishing and Entertainment [App 2.1], Energy and Utilities [App 2.2], Financial Services [App 2.3], Life sciences and Healthcare [App 2.4].



RIPAS (The RBtC Internal Process Alignment Survey)

Channel: Online and Offline Internal | Timeline: December 2013 – January 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, HCL Office of the CEO, HCL Office of the CHRO | Technology used: Comprehensive online survey on Survey Monkey | Budget: Internal execution

At HCL we believe that brand promise is only as good as its ambassadors. It was therefore unacceptable for us if even a single employee was unconvinced or unsure We were deeply aware that we needed to walk the talk not just with our customers but also with our employees. An employee facing undue process hurdles could not be expected to stand up for this message.

Hence, in late 2013, the HCL CEO launched the Internal Process Alignment Survey with a mandate to:

  • Identify all processes across Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Administration, Pre-Sales, IT, Payroll and Legal functions. [Data 1.2].   

  • A detailed survey for all employees who frequently interacted with these various processes

  • To collect responses and create actionable insights

  • Set up task forces for rapid resolution of processes that need intervention

Within the short period of a month, out of 173 internal processes across 9 functions, we identified 10 processes [Data 1.1] that required immediate intervention at the CEO level, and 5 processes per function at the functional level. The task forces are currently being run under the aegis of the Chief Human Resource Officer of the company.

While such a change management exercise is not unique to HCL, the speed and urgency with which the top executives of the company executed this exercise to ensure complete alignment with brand promise, is what makes the Unified Messaging Campaign a disruptive initiative.

The RBtC Training Module (

Channel: Online Internal | Timeline: February 2014 – March 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, HCL Learning and development, HCL Sales and Delivery | Technology used: Online training modules using Adobe Connect, that we initially conducted 3 times a day, and later made available on an on demand basis | Budget: Internal execution + USD 55/ month for Adobe Connect subscription

There are two major obstacles in training sales and senior leadership – availability and attention span. While designing the RBtC Training Module, HCL partnered with Adobe to deliver automated training sessions over Adobe Connect platform. A sales manager could now connect on the go. This freed up tremendous bandwidth for the marketing team which did not have to travel the globe to train – and could in parallel work on other strategic initiatives. By automating the training process, we not only made it easier to deliver rich training content at the beck and call of our Salesforce, but also cut down on travel time and budgets.

RBtC as a brand promise could not be kept within the purview of sales only – and the Training Module was therefore designed keeping delivery, pre-sales and support functions in mind as well.

The RBtC Quiz ( - internal link)

Channel: Online Internal | Timeline: February 2014 – March 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, HCL Learning and development | Technology used: Internal learning portal used for a detailed online quiz | Budget: Internal execution

There were situations in which an aggressive sales manager could confuse RBtC with discounts, social solicitation and other extraneous behaviors that HCL does not endorse. To prevent this, a very unique and exhaustive RBtC Quiz was designed and mandated for all sales personnel before they could use the pre-designed content. With only multiple choice questions, an employee could get to the next question only if the current one had been correctly answered, and would get ‘RBtC Certified’ when all questions had been answered correctly. This way, the quiz was a detailed a training session in itself. As on date 100% of HCLTECH sales force has been RBTC certified [Data 1.6].



RBtC Aligned Global Website (

Channel: Online External | Timeline: February 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, ITSA Brand Innovations, Innoraft communications | Budget: Internal execution

The company website is truly the first and the most powerful zero-moment interaction of a client/prospect with a brand. Improvements in website content and design in the previous year had led to a funnel increase of $1bn through web leads. The Unified Messaging Campaign made two changes to this already improved website –

  1. Visual brand consistency: Switched all visuals from IT Service oriented generic graphics to owned creatives around the relationship theme of the RBtC film

  2. Geo-sensitivity: German, French and Japanese versions of the site are coming up. These are not cosmetic enhancements over a few pages but complete replicas of the English site

Geo-Centricity (,(

Channel: Online and Offline External | Timeline: Feb 2014 – March 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, ITSA Brand Innovations, Lingo Tech translation services | Budget: Internal execution

HCL operates in 31 countries. However, our global marketing effort had only been in English. Nothing says family like a shared language and so the RBtC Campaign has undertaken a massive across the board language customization effort across physical and digital collaterals including the website, corporate presentations and even the Spirit of RBtC film, in French, German, Japanese and Polish.

The LinkedIn-HCL Collaboration App (

Channel: Online external | Timeline: January 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, LinkedIn | Technology used: Online portal that used LinkedIn APIs | Budget: Nil

HCL collaborated with LinkedIn to create a first of its kind in the world application using LinkedIn’s powerful API framework. This application turns the LinkedIn business model “on its head”. While LinkedIn is usually used for business interactions, the HCL-LinkedIn App created an interface, which one could use to start a warmer conversation, by sending a token of gratitude to a LinkedIn connection. For the first time, you could select a colleague or a vendor from your connections and send them a note telling them how they went beyond the contract for you and your appreciation for their effort. The app automatically created a single printable, frame-able certificate that the contact would receive.

This app had two objectives -

  1. To enable HCL Sales managers to share thank-you notes after meetings with clients and prospects. Emails or phone messages were common – this branded intervention over LinkedIn created a unique, emotional impact

  2. To drive traffic to the Spirit of RBtC film, this app was open to all, with less HCL branding and more RBtC messaging

As on June 7th 2014 – there have been more than 10,000 usages of the App by the G2000 community.

The RBtC Coffee Table Book ( )

Channel: Offline external | Timeline: May 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing, ITSA Brand Innovations, Team 360 (HCL’s internal communications agency), Lustra Print Process Pvt. Ltd.  | Budget: USD 25 Per Coffee Table Book – Billed to sales @USD 100 Per Copy

IT Services sales process is riddled with brochures, pamphlets that are rarely capture a client’s attention. After 6 months of ideation rejecting over half a dozen ideas that were neither first in class nor best in class, we developed an artifact that summed up the RBtC philosophy better than anything else: The RBtC Coffee Table Book. Chosen from a HCL employee crowd-sourced pool of over 300 stories, it showcased 10 iconic relationships from around the world- relationships that we as a brand could aspire to have with our customers. With only 1000 copies in existence, the Coffee Table Book is not just an unforgettable memento left with a key decision maker, but a collector’s item they could feel comfortable taking home, sharing with family, especially kids.

The response this book has received from customers and prospects is a reaffirmation to senior leaders of the efficacy of RBtC messaging. They can now bring RBtC into their sales pitch by simply using this book, thus also ensuring a standard brand experience in all top-executive meetings.

Digital Outreach and Thought Leadership (

Channel: Online external | Timeline: February 2014 – May 2014 | Teams working in collaboration: HCL Strategic Marketing | Budget: Zero Expenditure

HCL CEO joins LinkedIn Influencer Group [App 3.1].    – among the greatest coups of the campaign was the onboarding of LinkedIn US and Europe Editors, who curate the prestigious Influencer Platform, as evangelists for the RBtC campaign. The campaign team was able to convince the LinkedIn delegation that RBtC was an idea whose time had come. Thereafter, Mr. Anant Gupta was invited to join the platform and now blogs about topics related to relationships beyond the contract in IT Services and business in general. In this, he joins Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Dalai Lama and Ariana Huffington, among others, as a senior leader disseminating cutting edge thoughts on trending topics. For both internal and external audiences, the broadcasting the alignment of the CEO with the campaign thought has been a powerful and unifying effort.

PR Outreach – Partnership with LinkedIn on the RBtC app and CEO’s blog on Influencer platform led to organic media mentions across a variety of top media outlets.



From vendor alignment to making sense to a procurement commercials oriented prospect delegation, this campaign has faced many interesting challenges. The greatest challenge, however, has been steering the HCL armada with 90,000 personnel and over 20 influential but skeptical divisional sales leaders, in the same direction, towards a common cause. No or slow uptake can quickly kill a campaign - the RBtC campaign worked on two initiatives in parallel that prevented this from happening. While we executed the RIPAS initiative and got everyone talking and thinking about brand promise, we also started working with smaller divisions that were keen to differentiate themselves from the larger profit centers. Once there was a tangible product under the RBtC brand umbrella, it led to rapid introspection and adoption in other lines of business. The principles of ‘fail fast, fail cheap’ allowed us to prototype rapidly and to gain recognition rather than waiting for big-bang acceptance.


RBTC Business Impact Scorecard

Objective Metric Results

Building Awareness for HCLTECH

  All activities undertaken to improve mindshare externally

Outreach to G2000 KDMs to increase awareness

  • Integrated Digital Campaign has an exposure of 100 Million Impressions across the G2000 Organizations and the online community.

  • 150,000 Clicks generated across G2000 organizations. Industry leading CTR of .15 % overall across all digital channels. [Data 1.4]

Measuring Engagement with G2000 organizations via website traffic

  • G2000 organizations visits to HCLTECH website jumped from 300 organizations in Dec 2013 to 1200 in June 2014. A 400% jump as a result of the campaign. [Data 1.3]

Spirit of RBTC Film – You Tube Views

  • The fastest film in the history of IT industry to reach 2 million views on You Tube. 50% of views coming from US and Europe. [App 1.3]

  • French and German language versions capture 100,000 views from the local regions. 250K Views each expected by end of June 2014. [App 1.4]

RBTC Linkedin App outreach

  • A first in class digital app created in collaboration with Linkedin. More than 10,000 usages of the App across the G2000 community. [App 1.8]

PR and Media outreach. External Placement

  • RBTC stories published in 10 major online media publications across the Globe. These include – The Economic Times, Business Standard, Business Line, The times of India, CIOL, MIS Asia, CIO Asia, Computerworld Singapore, PC Advisor, Computerworld Malaysia [App 1.10]

Social Media Leverage

  • 25K Followers added on HCLTECH social media destinations since Dec 2013. 83% increase in the last 6 months ( Dec 2013 – May 2014 )

Building Ambassadorship for RBTC campaign


All activities undertaken to improve mindshare and independent adoption and execution internally

RBtC Training and certification for customer facing roles – Sales, Pre sales and marketing

  • 100% of HCLTECH employees in customer facing roles trained and certified on RBTC.[Data 1.6]

RBTC adoption and intervention in large deals pursuits

  • RBTC leveraged in 30 large deal pursuits with a total pipeline value of over 1.5 billion USD. [Data 1.5]

RBTC adoption in key CXO engagements

  • RBTC leveraged in 100 CXO / MD / BOD level meetings including the NA chapter of the CAC CIO Council in May 2014 where 25 CIO attendees endorsed RBTC. These CIOs are responsible for Approx 20% of HCLTECH revenue.


Positive impact on new pipeline creation and business generation

  • RBTC led business campaigns generated a pipeline of 500 Million USD for HCLTECH via an integrated campaign across online and offline channels.

Adoption of RBTC campaign collaterals by sales leaders

  • 100% consumption of 1000 Corporate Brochures and 1000 RBTC Coffee Table Books by sales leadership in CXO level.

Building advocacy for HCLTECH

All activities undertaken to improve our net promoter score

HCLTECH Linkedin Brand Impact study conducted from Feb to May 2014 - Overall

  • HCLTECH Brand Favorability increased by 9% to 29%

  • Likelihood to recommend HCLTECH increased by 5% taking it from 9% to 14%

  • HCLTECH Net Promoter score increased 10 points amongst the target audience [App 12.1]

HCLTECH Linkedin Brand Impact study conducted from Feb to May 2014 – agreement with HCL brand statements

  • 15% increase in those who believe HCLTECH delivers measurable business values to its clients

  • 14% increase in those who believe HCLTECH delivers grass-root innovation to its clients through its work-culture

  • 10% increase in those who believe HCLTECH develops client relationships that go beyond the contract

  • 10% increase in those who believe HCLTECH builds client trust through transparency and flexibility [App 12.2]

RBtC Workshops at client/ODC premises

  • Workshops conducted at top 20 client ODCs to explain the nuances of RBTC campaign. Engagement Directors trained on RBTC. More than 2000 employees covered.

RBTC Customer Workshops

  • Over 20 Customer Workshops on RBTC conducted with participation from more than 100 key decision makers from the customer organizations.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.