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Technological Solutions for Governments

The public sector is in the midst of a radical transformation in the way its business gets done. For one thing, governments are realizing the need to increase the productivity of their public services and introduce more "citizen-focused" solutions at both city and country levels - a measure to stay close to taxpayers/voters who directly influence their finances. E-government resources are striving to increase public sector efficiencies and rationalize governance systems to support sustainable development, and solutions like e-payment and e-governance are gaining importance as governments make customer service their primary priority. However, the underlying factor in this entire scenario still continues to be about maximizing revenues while minimizing costs.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • HCL’s ALT ASM™ Framework for the Public Sector. Maintaining existing government IT systems even while investing in new solutions can be quite challenging, requiring well planned processes. Our ALT ASM™ framework for government IT solutions – our alternative view on ASM - has been instrumental in substantially reducing customers’ cost of operations and increasing their productivity. The framework adopts what we call - a “proactive obsolescence” approach - which provides incremental value  beyond the traditional ASM contract and unlocks a large amount of working capital from our clients’ ASM spend. This unlocked capital can be re-invested in new IT solutions and the necessary migration from legacy applications. HCL’s ALT ASM is helping governments achieve their target of maximizing revenues and minimizing spends.

  • Comprehensive industry experience. Over the past 17 years, we’ve provided IT services and citizen-centric IT solutions designed to help governments meet their targets in central and local government administration, health, social and emergency services, postal services, transportation, judicial and eGovernance, public safety, and education. We serve some of the largest governing bodies across the globe and have active engagements in 14 state governments in the U.S., and governing bodies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

  • Innovative solutions. Our Citizen First approach allows us to ideate and develop specific technology and business solutions rather than focusing only on applications. Our iGOVERN suite of solutions is a ready-to-deploy, citizen-centric web-based solution that is revolutionizing the way governments provide services to their citizens. iGOVERN is architected to deliver services from a citizen’s point of view and enable Government to Citizen (G2C) connections while improving transparency and productivity.

  • Legacy of innovation. We have several IPs and solution accelerators in line with industry trends that provide time-to-market advantages for our customers. Some of our most successful solutions are in the areas of mobility (for law enforcement), workers’ compensation, case management (child care, fraud, and court), grievance management, vehicle information and fleet renewal (for transportation segments), and e-commerce and phone card portals for postal services.

  • Unique business models. Through these models (which include joint ventures, transaction-based services, and outcome-based pricing), delivery models (for multiservice delivery), remote infrastructure management (RIM), enterprise transformation services (ETS), and integrated public services (where we provide enabling technologies to integrate systems at an infrastructural level), we are making a difference in the way government organizations are operating, helping them leverage new technology to provide better services to their customers.

How can HCL help you?

We provide a suite of government IT solutions and services that include:

  • Portal development
  • eCommerce services
  • Security
  • Imaging, document management, and workflow
  • Data conversion, data migration, and data warehousing
  • IT staff augmentation
  • Application development, maintenance, and support
  • IT infrastructure management and operations
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)

The Solutions section provides more details about our offerings. Contact us to make a conversation with HCL.


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What Customers Say

“We chose HCL because they are the only company focused on business rather than just technology... They offered an end-to-end solution with single point of ownership, which no-one else could match.”
- Chief Superintendent, head of change management, a constabulary in the UK


“HCL is an exceptional business partner. The spirit of engagement has been one of collaboration, partnership, and shared learning. I highly recommend this company.”
CIO, Department of L&I, a State in the United States