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iGovern Citizen Centric Solution

Information age; Increasing concerns over security; Rising interaction between government and individual citizens; Demand for greater value and transparency from taxpayers - Today's governments need to overcome a host of challenges, each more complex than the other in enabling programs which reach out to their citizens. They also have to contend with an ever shrinking base of resources from manpower to budgets.

eGovernance solutions are paving the way towards greater efficiency, responsiveness and transparency, overcoming challenges and delivering on citizen centric programs.

HCL's Government practice has more than 16 years of experience in executing information technology projects for different government agencies worldwide. We provide technology and business solutions to government customers globally in countries such as United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Governmental practice, works on the belief that the citizen is the focus point for all governance activity and initiatives - philosophy of 'IT is about citizens'.

iGovern Citizen Centric Solution - HCL TechThe above philosophy, has guided HCL to take a product/ solution approach than focusing only on various applications. The result of which is iGOVERN™ - Citizen Centric Solutions.

iGOVERN™ - Revolutionizing the way of providing services to citizens, HCL's suite of citizen centric solution is architected to deliver the services from Citizen's point of view, enable Government to Citizen (G2C) connect, and Improve Transparency & Productivity. iGOVERN™, a ready-to-deploy web-based solution suite, is a result of our strong domain expertise and learning over the years.

Under the iGOVERN™ product suite, HCL has built the following products:

  1. iGOVERN™ Child Care
  2. iGOVERN™ Workers' Compensation
  3. iGOVERN™ Fraud Investigation
  4. iGOVERN™ Unemployment Insurance
  5. iGOVERN™ Complaint and Quality Management