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iGovern Unemployment Insurance

iGovern Unemployment Insurance - HCL Tech"iGOVERN™ - Unemployment Insurance" is a web-based fully integrated, centralized and flexible Unemployment Insurance solution providing all core business processes/ functionalities for the key stakeholders in the out of the box. By collecting, processing, and distributing information efficiently and accurately, the solution reduces employer administrative burdens and provides a less stressful work environment for UI employees, while paying benefits accurately and timely when due.

Solution Drivers

  • Compatibility with both State and Federal laws
  • Scalable and secure solution
  • Easy citizen connect
  • Reduction in employer administrative burdens
  • Reduced payment processing
  • Platform for single window interface with other Government agencies

Core Offerings

  • Core Tax
  • Core Benefits
  • Core Appeals
  • Claimant Self Service
  • Employment Service
  • Employer Self Service
  • Imaging and Workflow

Design Principles

  • Modern technical architecture that supports integration with new technology
  • Business logic and workflow, which are easily configurable
  • Architecture layers and components that make replacing components easier
  • Flexible workflows to automate business processes
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) that allows functions to be exposed in the form of web services for internal and external integration
  • Common industry standards.

Key Interfaces

  • Social security administration
  • Department of Revenue
  • Child support intercepts
  • INS
  • Department of corrections
  • General Ledger
  • Call center
  • Attorney general
  • ICON
  • IRS
  • DMV
  • Department of Labor
  • IVR
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Banking

Other Offerings

  • Calendar and Scheduling
  • Correspondence
  • Help system
  • Adhoc Inquiry and reporting
  • Security and Audit trail
  • Address Validation and Standardization
HCL Beyond the Contract

What Customers Say

“We chose HCL because they are the only company focused on business rather than just technology... They offered an end-to-end solution with single point of ownership, which no-one else could match.”
- Chief Superintendent, head of change management, a constabulary in the UK


“HCL is an exceptional business partner. The spirit of engagement has been one of collaboration, partnership, and shared learning. I highly recommend this company.”
CIO, Department of L&I, a State in the United States