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iGOVERN® Workers’ Compensation Solution (WoCoS)

The Situation Today

State workers compensation funds currently face several challenges related to the overall workers compensation insurance market and their standing as quasi-government entities. They face competitive disadvantages that other workers compensation carriers do not experience, and often have complex relationships with state legislatures. The modernization of these funds would allow them to become more competitive and efficient.

How HCL Can Help

iGOVERN® - Workers' Compensation is a web-based fully integrated, centralized and flexible workers compensation solution, providing a common platform for the State Agency, Employer, Insurer, Third Party Administrator, Medical Provider, and the Workers Compensation Court to provide specific, quick and substantial relief to workers who have sustained an accidental injury or occupational disease during the course of their employment.

What You Can Expect

The benefits of implementing iGovern include:

  1. Streamlined, efficient processing and workers’ compensation management with improved cycle time and accuracy due to reduction in manual processing
  2. Reduction in claims processing and resolution-related costs
  3. Enhanced collaboration and improved access to key claim-related materials for stakeholders
  4. Access to structured and historical information to support analysis, planning and decision-making, as well as meet audit and compliance requirements.
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