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Embedded GUIs : Can Impact the Bottom Line of Your Business

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Jul 26, 2010

How many of you software developers feel that if only users were willing to educate themselves about your application, then it would work like a charm? How many of you (end) users feel that if only software applications could do their job without you having to acquire IT skills, then there would be no problems at all? The gap between the two communities can be bridged by a well–thought out and-designed (i.e., highly usable and easy-to-use) Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Excerpts from the Paper

Modern day consumers do not want to be aware of how a gizmo works; they just want to use (read 'enjoy') it with the shortest possible learning curve. Today, if there is a high quality home appliance or a medical device without a display screen on the market but has a very sophisticated manual explaining all its features, it will most likely be driven out of the market by counterparts that have a visual display along with features that could be learned within minutes without requiring a manual.
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