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Semantic Web Beyond Science Fiction

Published Date: 
Jun 11, 2010

Although not new, Semantic Web is creating a lot of excitement among many techies and businesses whose efforts have started to bear fruit. In fact, Semantic Web proponents are predicting that we are likely to see the world they are visualizing, belong less to science fiction and more to the real world we live in. Yes, Semantic Web is expected to be that pervasive! The main objective of this paper is to understand what the Semantic Web trend is all about, how it will impact our use of the Web, and why this trend is here to stay. We will also examine some of the industry verticals as well as technology vendors who are already embracing Semantic Web technologies and using them as business differentiators.  

Excerpts from the Paper
The essence of Semantic Web  ‐ also referred to as Web 3.0  ‐ has been expressed in many ways. Some refer to it as “a network of data on the Web” or simply as “a Web of data.” Others view it as a “World Wide Database… [because it involves] going from a Web of connected documents to a Web of connected data.” Irrespective of which definition one prefers, there is a general consensus that Semantic Web structures data through various semantic tools and applications in such a way that it can be read, understood, analysed, and processed by machines within a given context.
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