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In a growth-constrained, post-recession world where many traditional sources of advantage are becoming irrelevant, the best bet for nations, companies and individuals to succeed is the power of their ideas. At HCL, we believe that acknowledging such ideas and learning from them is vital as we make progress in today’s environment. Whether its an idea implemented in the real world, or one that encourages innovation; an idea that brings great minds together or just an idea that originates from day-to-day business dynamics, we’ve found a simple way to put it all together – “I have an Idea”, HCL’s channel for discovering ideas that matter. 
  • Straight Talk: IT industry leaders and practitioners share their experiences and insights in this biennial publication of the CIO’s, by the CIO’s, and for the CIO’s. The interplay of ideas and friction of debate caught during candid conversations make Straight Talk a must read... Read More
  • Innovation at HCL: At HCL our employees are at the heart of innovation. By giving them the right tools and channelizing the energies of our employees we see ideation and innovation happening at every level in HCL... Read More
  • HCL Global Meet: It began six years ago as an annual meeting of HCL customers. Today, it brings together not only customers but also global business executives and thought leaders to exchange ideas and spur new thinking on pressing IT, business and social issues... Read More
  • Idea Blogs: HCL’s value centric culture is best demonstrated by the its team of domain/ subject matter experts and thought leaders. Get a wealth of information on a range of topics on a single page... Read More
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