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What is CIO Straight Talk?

The idea driving Straight Talk is that IT professionals can learn as much, if not more, from their peers than from “full-time experts” – consultants, academics, analysts, management gurus. After all, professionals who face similar challenges in similar situations are likely to have especially relevant and practical insights that others can benefit from – insights that simply wouldn’t occur to outsiders, however smart and however broad their perspective on an industry or profession.

And many of the best practitioner insights burst into consciousness during candid and honest conversation. The interplay of ideas and the friction of debate create the spark of a new idea. CIO Straight Talk is an initial and still-evolving effort to begin such a conversation.

What has the conversation been all about so far?

Cover Stories

Are You a Reincarnate CIO?
Evolution of the CIO's Role; “Employees First” and the CIO; Snapshots of Reincarnate CIOs
Straight Talking – Generating Value for Internal Business Operations:

Many brands, one system

“The pace of change today is just out of sight. Things have always been fast in IT, but now if we are not buying something, selling something or making a whole new venture, it’s just not a typical week here.”

- Virginia Guthrie, (Former) Chief Information Officer, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

Straight Talking – Generating Value for Customers:

Building ‘One Aegon’

You can say that the focus on efficiency is just to stay in the game, and the focus on the customer is more to win the game.

- Kees Smaling, Chief Information Officer, AEGON N.V.

Straight Talking – Generating Value Through Innovation:

Leading By Example

I call our program the 5x5 Innovation Approach.I will provide $5000 over five weeks for anindividual or group to bring an idea tothe prototype stage in which they’ll have adiscussion with a business partner.

- David Evans, VP, Information Technology, Quest Diagnostics Inc.

Straight Talking – Generating Value By Effective Collaboration and Planning:

Getting Ahead By Getting Along

I knew that if we gave our partner the ability toparticipate in additional new application developmentwork, they would have “skin in the game” and thusadded incentive to succeed.

- Chuck Ciali, Chief Information Officer, Teradyne Corp.

Solution Spotlight:

Using the iPad to Boost Sales Productivity

What Lies Ahead:

Three Outside Perspectives on Tomorrow's CIO

- Maryfran Johnson (CIO Magazine), Jeanne W. Ross (MIT Center for Information Systems Research), Ellen Kitzis (Gartner)

Read on for more stories from leading captains of IT and industry representing corporations such as Lowe’s Co., Sun America Financial Group (AIG), Target Corporation (India), Cummins Inc, Dow Jones & Co., Birmingham City Council, Fonterra Co-operative Group, Brocade, Veolia, 3M, US Foodservice, Energy Future Holdings, BB&T, British Telecom, McDonald’s Corp., Reader’s Digest Associations, Pearson, NCR, Alliance Life Insurance and more.

Download the entire CIO Straight Talk Magazine Issue #1 in PDF format

In what other ways can you be a part of CIO Straight Talk?

To order your copy of the much-awaited 2nd issue of CIO Straight Talk today, please send a mail to   

Not to spoil the surprise here but this 80+ pages compilation features a star-studded line up of thinkers and visionaries – Malcolm Gladwell (Author of The Tipping Point, Outliers and Blink), Vivek Ranadive (CEO of TIBCO and author of The Two Second Advantage) and Thomas Davenport (Consultant, educator and author of Competing on Analytics) are among them. Don’t miss it.

  • CIO Straight Talk Exclusive Breakfast Shows: There also will be the opportunity for conversation among CIOs at CIO Straight Talk live events, which will be held periodically in locations around the world. Whether breakfasts featuring a single speaker or after-work panel discussions, these events will be informed by the same spirit of inquiry and peer-to-peer idea sharing. We hope you’ll join us for one of these gatherings. array('class' => array('webform-mobile')), 'query' => array('nid' => '3157','submit_cancel' => TRUE))); ?> array('class' => array('webform-desktop', 'ctools-use-modal', 'ctools-modal-modal-popup-medium')), 'query' => array('nid' => '3157'))); ?>
  • Interested in being featured in CIO Straight Talk / speak at our events / communicate with our Editor? If you are keen on sharing your experiences with your peers or have something to say to our Editors, Mail us and get in touch with the editorial team at CIO Straight Talk. 

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