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What is CXO Straight Talk?

CXO Straight Talk aspires to be an editorial-led engagement forum for CXOs and aspiring CXOs.

The idea driving CXO Straight Talk is that CXOs can learn as much, if not more, from their peers than from “full-time experts” – consultants, acamedians, analysts, management gurus. After all, CXOs who face similar challenges in similar situations are likely to have especially relevant and practical insights that others can benefit from – insights that simply wouldn’t occur to outsiders, however smart and however broad their perspective on an industry or profession.

CXO Straight Talk is an initiative sponsored and run by HCL Technologies.

Awards & Recognitions

The 2014 Paul Writer Award for LinkedIn Excellence in Digital Innovation

The CIO Straight Talk LinkedIn Program received the award for innovation & excellence in engaging global community of CIOs on LinkedIn. The award was conferred at the 2nd Annual Great Indian IT Marketing Summit (Bengaluru), organized by Paul Writer in collaboration with knowledge partner, IT Services Marketing Association (ITSMA).

Conferred: Bangalore, February 2014

The 2013 ITSMA Diamond Marketing Excellence Award for “Driving Business with Thought Leadership”

HCL Technologies received a Diamond award for its “CIO Straight Talk” initiative, recognizing it as the industry’s best-in-class program for driving business with thought leadership. The award was conferred by the IT Services Marketing Association (ITSMA), the leading marketing association for technology, communications and professional services providers.

Conferred: Boston, November 2013

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