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IT Infrastructure Management Services

What keeps you up at night?

Is your IT infrastructure designed for operational excellence and resiliency? Are you able to diagnose potential disruptions and resolve them quickly? These and other areas — such as availability, performance and scalability — are crucial for realizing high returns on your mission-critical IT investments.

Why should you consider HCL?

HCL Infrastructure Services Division has managed IT infrastructure operations for more than 250 customers over the past two decades — that’s included nearly 100 complex IT transformations and millions of critical devices and issues.

A transparent partner, we deliver value through several outcome-based business models as well as best practices and tools that can transform your infrastructure and architecture to keep pace with changing business demands.

In short, HCL ISD:

  • Tailors solutions to address your pain points
  • Offers mature and proven frameworks and methodologies for operations and transformation
  • Can seamlessly transition from incumbents by taking up multiple complex IT operations and global footprints with zero business disruption in transition of services
  • Provides a true partner experience through flexible engagement models
  • Draws on relationships with technology and support organizations to bring customers the best combination of cost and capability
  • Helps customers meet any IT budget
  • Focuses on improving infrastructure processes and deploying innovative ideas to continuously improve IT operations
  • Enjoys a reputation as a trusted partner - 100% of our customers testify to our commitment and our ability to deliver on what we promise, and they renew their relationships with us year after year.

How can HCL help you?

  • HCL ISD will partner with you to manage your IT operations more effectively, with the highest return on investment.
  • Customers leverage our Enterprise of the Future (EOF) framework which helps establish, adopt and manage the complex and hybrid IT landscape of today’s enterprises, combining aspects of people, process and technology to deliver an enterprise of the future that is geared to overcome challenges across the following segments:
    • Next-generation data centers
    • Business productivity services
    • Service management and aggregation (cross functional services)
    • Identity and access management
    • Integrated application development, release and operations
  • Migrate you from a current straight jacketed IT outsourcing engagement to a fresh new experience of the Collaborative Sourced (Co-Sourced) model of engagement.

The Services section provides more details about our offerings. To set up a conversation, click here


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Case Studies    

Unlocking business value with second generation outsourcing – solutions for the world's leading HR solution companyUnlocking business value with second generation outsourcing – solutions for the world’s leading HR solution company

HCL & Belgacom - Running Business Critical Process Chains (English Version)HCL & Belgacom - Running Business Critical Process Chains (English Version)

Unlocking business value with second generation outsourcing – solutions for the world's leading HR solution companyUnlocking business value with second generation outsourcing -  solutions for a leading semiconductor company


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HCL Beyond the Contract

What Customers Say

"Having realized that IT is a core competency for HCL, we have partnered with who we think is best of breed in the industry…

What we found in HCL was that next level of innovation, that next level of experience, that next level of critical thinking.... all of those things proved HCL to be a strong partner."

- Sunjeev Pandey, Senior Director, 

"HCL has a lot of good people with a lot of initiatives, skills and knowledge. HCL is an environment where we can succeed; where each individual in HCL can succeed, the group can succeed and the overall relationship with a customer like Sun America A.I.G. Retirement Services can succeed."

- Ron Sac, Assistant Vice President, Sun America