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Integrated Operations Management

Application support and maintenance has traditionally been aligned to application development, especially in the case of bespoke applications to retain knowledge and provide instantaneous reactive support in case of problems.
But we at HCL thought beyond the obvious and developed an altogether new proposition called Integrated Operations Management Services (IOMS) which integrates application support into the run side of business and achieves effectiveness and efficiency in running application support by creating application knowledge clusters and cross training to ensure that IT operations management knowledge is institutionalized and is independent of the people supporting it.
This integrated model of application operations and IT infrastructure operations addresses the current industry needs like integrated service level, need of ITIL than CMMI, 24x7 real time applications monitoring, which are delivered through a common tooling and process framework.
The key benefits of our Integrated Operations model are:
  • Cost-optimization and manpower optimization by integrating infrastructure and application operations
  • Achieve operational excellence by measuring response time SLAs for business applications
  • Significant improvements in First Call Resolution (FCR) due to an integrated service desk (application & infrastructure support teams integrated with Helpdesk).
Our adherence to the new ITIL V3 framework and diligence to provide support for packaged and bespoke applications along with innate experience in delivering integrated operations for Fortune 500 clients across different verticals are the key enablers in the area of application support and maintenance.
HCL brings in a 24 x 7, 360 degree view into application landscape, deskilling the support requirement from the business analyst layer to an ITIL based incident management and production support layer to deliver uninterrupted services for mission critical applications.
If you are experiencing fragmented application support, increased outages due to configuration and release management issues, 24x7 application management issues or increasing support costs post an enquiry now.
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What Customers Say

"Having realized that IT is a core competency for HCL, we have partnered with who we think is best of breed in the industry…

What we found in HCL was that next level of innovation, that next level of experience, that next level of critical thinking.... all of those things proved HCL to be a strong partner."

- Sunjeev Pandey, Senior Director, 

"HCL has a lot of good people with a lot of initiatives, skills and knowledge. HCL is an environment where we can succeed; where each individual in HCL can succeed, the group can succeed and the overall relationship with a customer like Sun America A.I.G. Retirement Services can succeed."

- Ron Sac, Assistant Vice President, Sun America