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Our IT Outsourcing Model

The traditional model of IT Infrastructure Outsourcing has been an all or nothing approach to Infrastructure sourcing. As IT moves away from being a support function to a key business enabler, the loss of control & inflexibility associated with the Traditional approach has made it less & less favorable. Fundamentally, it is no longer possible to plan all aspects of costs & innovation over a 5 -10 year period upfront & package them as a business case & contract.

HCL is fulfilling the global sourcing needs of its customers through its Co-Sourcing model which provides a new & fundamentally disruptive sourcing proposition to companies looking for flexibility and strategic control from their Total IT outsourcing engagements. The model is based on a collaborative approach to outsourcing by defining it as a partnership between the customer and the service provider based on fundamental tenets of flexibility, asset right cycle, transparency and customer retains control.

We offer to our customers' flexibility in choosing the right sourcing model for them discrete, full service with an option of Asset light and Asset heavy and Alternative delivery models like Cloud based services and building and supporting the business ready infrastructure for supporting SaaS platforms. We also offer delivery flexibility by setting up shared and dedicated delivery centrers depending on client need while balancing cost and economies of scale.

We have partnerships with our DC hosting partners across the world to host their datacenter and field services partners for hands and feet break-Fix Support Services/desk-side support while we e-bond with them to ensure that clients receive a seamless and uniform service, irrespective of the Geographical location of the functions delivering these services by leveraging uniform & standardized Tools & Processes across the IT Function.

HCL offers engagement flexibility depending on customer environment- whether it is a true multi-sourced or where HCL plays Part of a larger framework where the customer is the Integrator (e.g. Cummins Inc, Deutsche Bank etc). Or Prime Integrator where HCL is the Integrator for all other service providers (e.g. Dixons, Skandia, Autodesk etc) or True Multi Vendor where many vendors align to provide a full service to a customer for his business need (e.g. Aegon in NL) based on Prime responsibility in different areas and clearly demarcated roles and responsibilities + clear hand off and take off points.

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What Customers Say

"Having realized that IT is a core competency for HCL, we have partnered with who we think is best of breed in the industry…

What we found in HCL was that next level of innovation, that next level of experience, that next level of critical thinking.... all of those things proved HCL to be a strong partner."

- Sunjeev Pandey, Senior Director, 

"HCL has a lot of good people with a lot of initiatives, skills and knowledge. HCL is an environment where we can succeed; where each individual in HCL can succeed, the group can succeed and the overall relationship with a customer like Sun America A.I.G. Retirement Services can succeed."

- Ron Sac, Assistant Vice President, Sun America