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Product Support Services

In the era where consumers demand innovative products, competitive pricing, differentiated services and high service levels, it becomes imperative for Equipment Manufacturers (EMs) / Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to focus on driving innovation, reduce technical support costs, improve user experience and deliver SLA led services.

Whatever the need, HCL has the experience, skills, processes, tools, frameworks and speed to help EMs / ISVs achieve their operational, cost and business goals. 

HCL offers following services to EMs / ISV to support their end customer needs.

Service Portfolio

Product Support Services - HCL Tech

Value Delivered

+ve Impact on Customer Proximity and Reach
  • HCL’s global delivery centers in APAC, Europe, Africa, North America, South America provide reach, customer proximity and address language requirements.
+ve Impact on Operational Excellence
  • HCL Management Tools as a Service (MTaaS™) automates and enables the processes required to deliver efficient and effective services.
+ve Impact on Talent Ecosystem
  • HCL Talent Management Framework clubbed with formation of OEM-specific Center of Excellence helps EMs / ISVs to create right and cross skilled resources to meet their business requirement.
+ ve Impact on Speed to React and Market
  • HCL helps EMs to accelerate the acceptance of new solution / products by proactive management and supports leading ISVs to launch Cloud-based services to cater SMB segment.
+ve Impact on CSAT
  • Technical Support Services contribute 22% of overall industry loyalty drivers. We have been successful in helping organizations to retain customer loyalty by consistently achieving high CSAT.
+ve Impact on Bottom Line
  • Leading telecom equipment manufacturer reduced technical services' cost by 30% and leading VAS solution provider reduced deployment cost by 20%.

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HCL Beyond the Contract

What Customers Say

"Having realized that IT is a core competency for HCL, we have partnered with who we think is best of breed in the industry…

What we found in HCL was that next level of innovation, that next level of experience, that next level of critical thinking.... all of those things proved HCL to be a strong partner."

- Sunjeev Pandey, Senior Director, 

"HCL has a lot of good people with a lot of initiatives, skills and knowledge. HCL is an environment where we can succeed; where each individual in HCL can succeed, the group can succeed and the overall relationship with a customer like Sun America A.I.G. Retirement Services can succeed."

- Ron Sac, Assistant Vice President, Sun America