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Hardware Board Design

Job Summary

Chennai, Tamilnadu

Last Date to Apply

Last Date to Apply: 
May 31, 2012
Team Lead/ Tech Lead
Desired skills: 
  • Experience  with  Transmission and distribution monitoring and diagnostics equipments;  Exposure  to  manufacturing  and  testing  setups - ICT and FCT etc
  • Experience in PCI, ISA, VME bus architecture & USB interface schemes
  • Industrial I/O boards design – Digital, Analog, Serial
  • Simulation using PSPICE and other tools
  • Proficient with EMI/EMC Tests/ Standards/ Design techniques
  • Familiarity in development and debugging tools
Job Type: 
No of Vacancies: 
6 - 14 Years

Job Description

  • Design, development & validation of analog circuits, ADC/DAC circuits design, Signal conditioning schemes.
  • Design, Development of 16/32/64 bit micro controller/processors based circuits, Memory interface circuits, and digital circuits.
  • Design & development buck, boost, flyback, forward converter topologies.
  • Expertise in heat sink selection and hot swappable power supply design.
  • Proficient in communication circuit design of RS232/485, ETHERNET, I2C, UART schemes.
  • Making necessary Documentation as per NPI Guidelines.

Making the necessary development Setup for the NPI projects under development

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