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Network Admin-Vmware

Job Summary

Sunnyvale, CA

Last Date to Apply

Last Date to Apply: 
Mar 03, 2013
Network Admin
Desired skills: 
Cloud, SaaS, ISP, Managed Hosting and Datacenter space
Job Type: 
No of Vacancies: 
4 - 6 Years

Job Description

This position is responsible for operating and monitoring the online infrastructure to support customer’s online infrastructure. This position involves primary focus on managing and operational support, and some responsibility for building and implementing and other responsibilities. Our development and design approach assumes configuration as code. We want motivated high performers who can leverage brilliant ideas into automated configuration and deployment and troubleshoot and resolve any issues when the automation doesn’t work like it should. You will be responsible for servers, VM, load balancers, services, and monitoring of our online infrastructure, as well as handling load monitoring, capacity planning, and interfacing with support and development as appropriate.
Qualifications and Education Requirements: • Strong education and 4+ years or relevant experience • Experience managing systems • Familiarity with all layers of the OSI network layers Preferred Skills: • Deep knowledge and prior work experience in one or more of this following areas: networking security and protocol development • Positive Attitude • 4+ years of system or network operations experience • Experience managing and implementing networking systems • Experience with online cloud systems, especially VMs . Experience working with a vendors in a combination of the following: Cloud, SaaS, ISP, Managed Hosting and Datacenter space. • Experience, familiarity, or willingness to learn about the majority of the following: Firewalls, NAT, Apache, lighttpd, nginx, haproxy, Nagios, graphite, logstash, Python, Ubuntu, Redis, 0MQ, chef, puppet • The ability to troubleshoot issues in highly complex network setups