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Software Configuration Engineer

Job Summary

Irvine, California

Last Date to Apply

Last Date to Apply: 
Jun 01, 2012
Release Manager
Desired skills: 

1. Solid understanding of source code control concepts and methodology.
2. Good understanding of software change management.
3. Understand software release and configuration management.
4. Experience writing build and deployment scripts. Need to support teams with build and deployment scripts. Might need to write some build scripts.
5. Past experience of setting up software development environments and tools – in a Linux environment.
6. Ability and willing to learn new tools, setup, configure, train and support developers.

Job Type: 
Temporary/ Contractual
No of Vacancies: 
7 - 10 Years

Job Description

1. Experienced working in Linux environment.
2. Able to support developers with software development technical issues and with builds/releases.
3. Comfortable in an internal consulting and advisory role. (No software development tasks expected.)
4. Need to experience working with multiple programming language: C/C++, Java.
5. Solid experience with either Subversion or Git is required.

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