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ICD Impact Assessment

This is the discovery phase where the impact of ICD 10 adoption is studied and analyzed throughout the Organization covering all lines of business. At the end of the exercise the customer is provided with a report of the analysis findings which covers the identification of impacted areas along with remediation recommendations for every identified impact.

Prizm™, HCL's proprietary web based impact assessment tool is used to aid in a scientific impact assessment exercise. Prizm™ comes with pre-loaded Provider workflows along with identified impact points. The Impact analysis exercise involves assessing the organization against the backdrop of this pre-existing information, identifying the variations, reworking on the workflows to best indicate the actual customer landscape and completing the impact identification.  Prizm™ thus acts a catalyst in accelerating the pace of Impact assessment and reducing the timelines to an amazing extent.
HCL Prizm

eXACT Methodology

Prizm uses the eXACT methodology to translate the analysis of impact into relevant implementable recommendations. The eXACT methodology helps cover all aspects of the Organizations dynamics including People, Process and Technology. This methodology supports aptly the discovery and analysis of organizational, strategic and stake-holder issues and at the same time supporting business process models involving workflow orchestration and optimization.
ICD 10 impact - HCL Tech