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Legacy Modernization

The Situation Today

Legacy systems are integral to the continued operations of all Payers. However, it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain and integrate them with new solutions. Some of the key challenges in achieving legacy system modernization include:

  • The high cost of managing core administrative systems
  • Increasingly complex regulatory compliance standards
  • Integrating key external stakeholders with multiple payer systems through web-based self-service portals
  • Leveraging legacy softwares, systems and processes to drive next generation consumer-driven low cost health plans
  • Improving business agility

How HCL Can Help

Legacy Transformation and Modernization Services

HCL addresses legacy related challenges with a comprehensive set of services for legacy system modernization to:

  • Reduce IT environment complexity/cost through consolidation and migration
  • Increase data consistency and availability through application integration
  • Enable collaboration by Web-enabling access to cross-platform data
  • Improve process flexibility by supporting legacy application renovation
  • Mitigate risks by leveraging global legacy transformation engagement experience

Legacy Transfomation Services

What can we expect from the solution

Transformation Services

When to go for it



  1. Claims processing time is reduced significantly
  2. Quick fraud analysis and prevention
  3. Addresses enterprise mobility challenges
  4. Healthcare analytics and business intelligence
  5. Saves approximately 25% of the TCO


  1. Reduce cost of ownership and operations
  2. Reduce application portfolio risk
  3. Improve business agility
  1. Reduces per policy cost
  2. Reduces cost of operations with zero impact on applications
  3. Quick adoption of Government regulatory and other changes
  4. Saves approximately 35% of the TCO

Non IBM to IBM

  1. R&D for Non-IBM mainframes
  2. Integrate legacy systems with modern applications
  3. Improve innovation roll out or improve time-to-market
  1. Eliminates technology risk and unlocks innovation
  2. Benefits from Analytics and Mobility solutions
  3. Virtualization of business processes and functions
  4. Increased scalability

Shared Hosting

  1. Improve resource utilization
  2. Deliver infrastructure support in the shared mode
  1. Reduces MIPS processing cost due to scale of mainframe
  2. Improved business efficiencies
  3. Approximately gives 20% TCO savings


  1. High cost of operation and upgrades
  2. Lack of integration with modern applications
  3. Vendor roadmaps forcing tough decisions, lock-ins
  1. Improved application agility
  2. Business aligned IT
  3. Enhanced customer experience,
    quicker enrollment
  4. Saves approximately 20% of the TCO

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Dealing with Technology Legacy Dilemma? Switch to Legacy Modernization Services for Healthcare Industry
Dealing with Technology Legacy Dilemma? Switch to Legacy Modernization Services for Healthcare Industry
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