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Mobility & Social Media
Customer Experience Solutions - Mobility & Social Media

Once the mobile strategy is decided upon, a Payer can quickly develop and launch the essential applications giving its consumers access to the information they need – whenever they need it. In addition instantaneously providing relevant health tools and information while on the go. in a phased manner thus catering to the consumers’ expectations while ensuring that the payer is not lagging behind the competitors.



The Situation Today

The U.S. market is witnessing an explosive increase in mobile device usage over the past 3 to 4 years with 38% of the U.S. adult population owning a smartphone and 26% using their phones to access health related information[1] and tools. Even with a conservative estimate of 30 million new applicants in 2014, payers need to adopt a mobile strategy to engage with their customers and enhance user experience.

How HCL Can Help

Established in 1999, HCL’s Mobility Practice has executed over 150 projects for more than 450 customers across the globe. HCL’s proven track record of enabling organizations to identify the optimal mobile technology strategy can help payers connect with their stakeholders, including members and providers.

Our Mobility services include:

  • Mobile Consulting: HCL offers consulting and the engineering execution of our customers’ long- term mobility road map. Our Mobility experts help develop an enterprise-wide strategy for clients based on their preparedness and the extent to which they plan to deploy these services.
  • Mobile Application Development and Solutioning: These services cater to customer-specific B2B, B2C and B2E requirements and range from device-specific Native Application Development to HTML5 and Cross Platform Development capabilities.
  • Managed Mobility and Other Support: HCL’s Managed Mobility offerings include Mobile Application Testing, Application Management and Refresh Services, Mobile Device Management Services, and Platform Integration Testing Post Deployment. Our Mobile Testing CoEs and Mobile Testing Labs enable Performance and Stability Testing, Mobile App Testing, Verification and Conformance. 

Mobility Solution  - HCL Tech

[1] ​Manhattan Research, Cybercitizen Health® U.S. 2009 – 2011

What You Can Expect

Our proven track record of successfully conceptualizing and implementing multiple mobile solutions for large conglomerates can help payer companies unlock the potential of the mobile ecosystem, by:

  • Expanding channels of access into a larger customer base
  • Improving customer experience across demographics
  • Building trust in the payer brand

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Customer Experience Solutions - Mobility & Social Media
Customer Experience Solutions - Mobility & Social Media


Mobility & Social Media
Customer Experience Solutions - Mobility & Social Media
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