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Payers Solutions

In today’s exceedingly complex healthcare environment, payers are facing a plethora of challenges—rising costs, increasing competition, regional variations in healthcare priorities, multiple stakeholders (clinicians, advisory bodies, regulators, charities) increasing consumerism, and more. HCL’s solutions for healthcare payers include:

  • Member Experience Management: This comprehensive analytics-driven framework helps health plans offer a differentiated experience to their existing and prospective customer base. Read more.
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Management: This framework enables customers to benefit from either an end-to-end framework or a point solution that addresses specific issues. Read more.
  • ICD 10 Transformation: This well-defined framework is designed to mitigate the risks introduced by complex ICD 10 coding structures and align them to the principles of neutrality.  Read more.
  • Legacy Modernization: Through a comprehensive set of services, HCL addresses the increasing challenge of maintaining legacy systems and integrating them with new solutions. Read more.
  • Mobility Solutions: HCL’s proven track record of conceptualizing and implementing mobile solutions can help payers unlock the potential of the mobile ecosystem. Read more.
  • ALT ASM™: HCL’s alternative to traditional ASM services helps payers remain incident free through an exhaustive array of domain-specific tools, dashboards, mobility solutions, plug-ins, and solution accelerators. Read more.
  • Analytics for Payers: In collaboration with various partners, HCL provides a unique healthcare analytics platform that aggregates data across multiple sources to provide relevant insights to drive business decisions. Read more.
  • Population Health Management: HCL’s MEPiB (Member Engagement Program in a Box) enhances the quality of life for members with chronic conditions through a combination of analytics and personalized education. Read more.
  • FACETS™ Center of Excellence: FACETS™ is an industry-leading core administration platform that has been implemented by several payer organizations. HCL has heavily invested in building tools and accelerators around FACETS™ to enable faster time to market. Read more.