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Pharmaceuticals Solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is in its next phase of transformation. Margin pressures, patent cliffs, the rise of emerging markets, and regulatory hurdles are some of its main challenges. Companies can survive and thrive only if they adopt highly differentiated and innovative strategies.

HCL’s solutions help pharmaceutical companies discover opportunities to transform their operations and increase their agility 

  • Clinical transformation: HCL draws on extensive experience and expertise in strategy, implementation, and product support across the industry’s R&D value chain — from lab information management systems (LIMS) to clinical development, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory submissions. Read more.

  • Commercial transformation: HCL is collaborating with leading pharma and biotech companies, product vendors, and partners to develop consulting frameworks, reference architectures, and data models that enable end-to-end transformation of the commercial organization in the pharma industry. Read more.

  • Enterprise transformation: This new business line enables pharmaceutical organizations to develop a transformational road map and an execution plan. Read more.

  • Manufacturing and supply chain: HCL provides software solutions for improving operational efficiency and for managing regulatory compliance in production environments. Read more.

  • Mobility: HCL has developed robust, scalable, and user-friendly mobile applications on multiple platforms such as Blackberry, Apple, and Android, improving customer engagement and accessibility. Read more.

  • Regulatory affairs and compliance: HCL’s Office of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance includes industry leaders who have an excellent understanding of GxP requirements for the entire pharmaceutical product life cycle. Read more.

  • ALT ASM™: HCL’s alternative to traditional ASM services helps pharma organizations remain incident free through an exhaustive array of domain-specific tools, dashboards, mobility solutions, plug-ins, and solution accelerators. Read more.

  • Pharmacovigilance: This practice offers implementation, ASM, system validation, case processing, and aggregate reporting services. Read more

  • Lab Information Management: HCL’s Lab Automation solutions aid in cycle-time improvements, resource allocation, and workload monitoring and data accuracy. Read more

  • Information Management: This practice provides reference data management, BDL&A data management, and adaptive multichannel marketing and decision analytics. Read more

  • Universal Content Migrator: This framework provides quick data migration from one content repository to another. Read more

  • RWE Data Analytics: HCL’s RWE encompasses CER (payer data) contrasted with the biostatistical analysis of adaptive trial data (against randomized trials). Read more

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