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Sales and Marketing Services

Industry Challenges

Increasing market share and launching new products efficiently is a key activity for the Medical Device Manufacturers. From strategies for launching new products to increasing market share; from targeting the right professionals and to identifying and influencing decision makers, the sales and marketing activity list is long and demanding, as are its demands on the technology infrastructure. Marketing is challenged with the need to produce the right marketing message, to the right audience with the right educational mix.

New customized solutions - based on demanding technologies - are critical to gain the necessary competitive edge. Nevertheless, the current technology infrastructure is often an amalgamation of siloed homegrown systems and disparate packaged applications. Maintenance and support is expensive, delivery is late, but nevertheless the pressure to reduce costs and deliver faster is ever increasing.

HCL's Solution

HCL offers customized solutions across the whole gamut of the S&M area starting from field service support, sales support, market intelligence and general solutions. With rich experience of working with & out 0f top 10 medical device companies, HCL has key business understanding of domain.

We have dedicated CoE for CRM which will address all our clients Sales & Marketing IT needs. Our Regulatory and Compliance practice provide domain specific expertise to Medical device manufacturers. Our Technology Agnostic approach allows us to find innovative solutions for business problems and then apply client selected technologies to implement the change. We have a strong quality focus through our robust quality processes in Quality Management System (QMS). HCL has strong expertise in Knowledge Management and Transitioning of IT Applications from client or other Vendors to HCL.

HCL's Transformational Services provide potential benefits such as:

  • Better Physician/Payor/Patient Interaction
  • Better Decision Making
  • Tangible ROI
  • Improved Workforce Productivity
  • Reduced Marketing Spend

HCL can offer unique and customized business solutions to handle:

HCL Sales and Marketing Service Offerings

  • Consulting Services: HCL helps its customers to improve performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of Roadmaps and Business Strategies. Our management consulting services bring formal frameworks and methodologies to identify business problems or suggest more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.

  • Sales support solutions: Companies are adopting automated customer services capabilities such as Customer Interaction Hub (CIH) for better interactions. HCL has an expertise in services like Customer contract management, account management to quickly access, modify and gain insight from sales data.

  • Marketing Management: HCL's Marketing Automation services have helped companies obtain 20% higher ROI on marketing activities through cost reduction and revenue enhancement.

  • Sales Force management: HCL's Sales Force Management IT Services help pharma companies streamline operations and improve ROI.

  • Packaged Applications: HCL's capabilities cover Enterprise and niche packaged applications like Siebel, SAP, Filenet, Documentum, Aprimo, Unica, Dendrite, Siperian.

  • Field Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Revenue Management, Pricing & Service Optimization with HCL’s ServSmart™ solution through Digital and Mobile enablement

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Transforming to Managed Services with ALT ASM
Transforming to Managed Services with ALT ASM
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What Customers Say

“In my career of 17 years working at Merck I have worked with several different contractors and consulting agencies. The thing that I find really unique with HCL compared to any of the other relationships is their focus on partnerships.”

— Director, Global Security, a top-three global pharmaceutical company