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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing operations are fraught with complexity, strict quality norms and controlling Intellectual Property (IP). With increasing margin pressures and stiff competition the main concentration for best in class manufacturing companies is cost reduction. The key to this is to discard disconnected systems and adopt an end-to-end solution as one version of truth.

Client Challenges

  • Achieve concurrency in all manufacturing operations & improve efficiency.
  • Reduce production waste and product environmental impact to "near zero"
  • Reconfigure manufacturing operations rapidly in response to changing needs and opportunities
  • Develop innovative manufacturing processes and products with a focus on decreasing dimensional scale
  • Integrate human and technical resources to enhance workforce performance and satisfaction

How HCL can help?

HCL is committed to helping manufacturers maximize productivity. Our solutions address detailed shopfloor scheduling and sequencing challenges as well as quality information, time in-out , scraps and rejections. We also offer Dashboards leveraging industry-standard concepts such as xBSC and Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR). Our service offerings include:

Customer Experience

  • Improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Real-time shop floor intelligence for Plant Managers
  • Analysis of production loss and ability to take rapid corrective measures
  • Achieve improved visibility for Lean and Six-Sigma programs
  • Eliminate discrepancy between manual and machine data
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